Local athlete achieves on both the field and in the classroom

Minga-Perry has qualified for the state championship meet in four events.

Local athlete achieves on both the field and in the classroom
May 02
09:26 2019

Excelling in a sport and in the classroom is a tough task for any high schooler. For Madison Minga-Perry, managing both sports and academics is just another day for the freshman.

Minga-Perry is a freshman at the Early College at Forsyth Technical Community College, while also competing in sports at Carver High School, especially track and field.

She has been running track and field since she was around five years old. She developed a love for the sport from her parents, Deidra Minga and Keith Perry. 

“I got into track at an early age and once I began running AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) track, I have been running ever since,” said Minga-Perry.

Minga-Perry is a versatile athlete who competes in several events on the track. She competes in the 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, long jump, triple jump and several relay events. Her two best events may be the 400-meter dash and the triple jump.

Her AAU team, Next Level Track Club, has helped develop Madison in her career on the track.

“Over the years, Next Level has been more than just a track team, it’s been a family,” she said. “They support me and teach me things that I never would have thought of before and it just has been a great experience.”

As a freshman on the track, Minga-Perry made a step up in competition from running AAU track where you run against athletes the same age. She has done well thus far, medaling in several events throughout the season. 

“I think it is a great experience getting to run with older kids that actually have a lot of talent,” she said. “I think I am doing really well and upperclassmen have been really supportive of me.”

Even though the curriculum is tougher than a normal high school, Minga-Perry is enjoying her first year at the Early College. She is also an honor roll student at the Early College and loves math and science. Her dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports medicine.

“It’s a challenge taking college classes as a freshman, but it’s also a great experience for later on in life,” she said.

Minga-Perry’s parents saw her talent on the track develop around the age of 10. They enjoy watching her on the track, but stress the importance of education above all else.

“I think the experience of seeing where the older girls are now and how hard they worked to get to that point, so when she gets their age, she will remember she had to work that hard to get there,” said Minga. 

“We are ecstatic that she is such a hard worker on the track and in the classroom,” Minga continued. “This is a kid that will stay up until 11 or 12 at night to complete an assignment and is disappointed if she does not get the grade she wanted.”

Perry added, “She is a really hard worker and she is nowhere near what her potential is. For me to say there is a ceiling, I can’t, because I don’t even think she has broken through yet. She has a lot more room to go and I am excited to see where that leads her on the track and in the classroom.”

Minga-Perry has qualified for the state championship track and field meet in several events. She said this year is really a learning experience that she hopes to translate into state championships in the future.

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