Local church honors special member

Rev. Parthenia S. Galloway is escorted in by her husband, Robert, for her surprise banquet.

Local church honors special member
November 10
02:30 2016

Photo by Timothy Ramsey



A banquet in honor of one particular person from a church is normally reserved for the head pastor or church elder.  The members of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church held a special occasion for one of its beloved members, Rev. Parthenia S. Galloway.  The celebration took place at the Event Center on Hanes Mill Road on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Joy Dodd, Constance Johnson and Wilma Davis, who are members of the Women’s Retreat Ministry, which Galloway directs, spearheaded the event. The women got together and reflected on the good deeds and people she has helped over the years and thought it would be nice to honor her in some way.

The initial planning for the event started in August and the women wanted to put together a modest gathering of family and close friends.  But as Joy Dodd explained, it just expanded from there.

“We have been saying we wanted to do something for a while,” said Dodd.  “It grew and it became larger than what we were expect-ing it to be.  We crafted all of our little ideas and pulled everything together and this is the end result, so God is good.  It’s a testament to the training she has given us that we can work under pressure and get things accomplished for the Glory of God.”

The occasion was filled with many people whom Galloway has touched in some way, shape or form. The difficult part was keeping this a secret from Galloway so Dodd, Johnson and Davis enlisted Galloway’s husband, Robert, and son Anthony to keep things quiet.  They were both happy to assist in any capacity to help the women.

“It’s a great turnout and I think it’s a great event to honor a wonderful person, and I couldn’t be more happy for her,” said Anthony Galloway.

Robert Galloway added, “You can look around and see the love in this building, all love.  The things people said about her today were to be expected because I have lived with her for 50 years, so I know the kind of person she is.”

The service started with Scripture and prayer to bless the event, then was followed by reflections from family and friends detailing why Galloway deserved to be honored in this manner.  Bishop Stephen Williams of Goodwill Baptist Church referred to Galloway as “the essence of grace.” Kyndal Dodd, recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award, sponsored by Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, sang a beautiful song for Galloway.  The essay she submitted to win the award detailed her admiration for Galloway and how much she looked up to her.

After the reflections was a wonderful meal for everyone to enjoy and the speaker for the evening which was Pastor Marcy Jessep of Greater Love Fellowship Ministries.  Her message further honored Galloway and the joy she has brought to others. Jessup went on to speak about how strong Galloway’s faith was and how she is a “modern day woman of God.”

Morning Star head Pastor Rev. Dr. Dennis Leach Sr. said the event was a testimony to Galloway’s ability to connect with people in an intimate and meaningful way.

Galloway served as interim pastor prior to Leach’s arrival.  She said she was totally shocked and honored by the turnout of the evening.

“You know I was really speechless. When I came in the door, I thought I was coming for one thing and I couldn’t understand why,” said Galloway.  “I am just overwhelmed and over-joyed because I had no idea this was going on.  I am so appreciative. You don’t know the impact you have on people as you go through life.  I can’t believe this is happening.”

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