Longtime teacher named principal at Winston-Salem Christian School

Dr. Janet Taylor has been named the new principal at Winston-Salem Christian School.

Longtime teacher named principal at Winston-Salem Christian School
August 22
10:28 2019

After more than a decade in the classroom as a teacher, this school year, longtime educator Dr. Janet Taylor will step into a new role as principal. Earlier this year, Taylor was named principal at Winston-Salem Christian School. 

Taylor, who recently received her doctorate in theology, has spent most of her career teaching in the local school district.

A 1994 graduate of Winston-Salem State University, she began her career at Carver High School in 2003, before taking her talents to Atkins High School (Old Greensboro Road) in 2005. In 2011 Taylor received her master’s from N.C. Central University. After taking a break from the classroom to travel the country as an evangelist, Taylor returned to the classroom in 2014, and in 2017 she came back to WS/FCS when she took a teaching position at the  Main Street Academy. She remained with the local school district while studying to pursue her doctorate that she received in May. 

Shortly after receiving her doctorate, Taylor received word that Winston-Salem Christian School (WSCS) was looking for a principal. She said she was knowledgeable about the school because she collected data from WSCS for her dissertation. The interview process consisted of four different interviews with teachers, administrators and other members of the WSCS team. During a recent sit-down with The Chronicle, Taylor said she wanted to be transparent throughout the process. 

“My goal in the interviews was to be as transparent as possible,” Taylor continued. “I don’t put on airs; I’m just who I am as a Christian and an educator and I make that known. All I did was pray throughout the process. I just trusted God throughout the entire process because I knew if I made it this far, I was still in the race.”

Taylor said what intrigued her most about the position at WSCS was the opportunity to infuse Christianity into the classroom. She said, “That’s what I love about this job, being able to talk about Jesus, being able to exemplify Christ, and just being able to pray over situations.”

Known as a teacher who was willing to go above and beyond to help her students succeed, Taylor said that’s what she hopes to bring as an administrator as well. She said it has been an adjustment, but she’s been willing to learn and her experience in the classroom has prepared her to lead WSCS.

“One thing I know about is people and I know about kids and I know how to educate them. I know what to look for in the classroom,” Taylor said. “I know when a teacher is teaching versus when they’re not; I know when a teacher is following the curriculum versus when they’re not, so I know what an interactive lesson looks like because I was that type of teacher.”

The first day for students at WSCS was Monday, Aug. 19. On her first day as an administrator, Taylor seemed to be just as excited as the students. During the annual house selecting ceremony for middle and high school students, Taylor was the first to welcome new students with hugs and high-fives.

When asked about the decision to hire Taylor, Dr. Brian Wolfe, WSCS head of school, said as the school works toward moving to a new property and operating as an independent entity with no affiliation to a specific church, they were looking for someone to run the daily operation of the school and Dr. Taylor was a perfect fit. 

Next year WSCS will move to property on Patterson Avenue formerly owned by Woodland Baptist Church.

“We wanted to bring in a K through12 principal that would help with the day-to-day activities, academics and support on campus as I spend more time working towards a new property and the long-term vision of Winston-Salem Christian School,” Wolfe said. “We started that process earlier this year and Dr. Taylor was just the perfect fit for us.” 

Winston-Salem Christian School is a private school located at 3730 University Parkway. The mission of WSCS is to inspire and develop each student for Christ-like engagement for the world. For more information visit

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