Many lend hand to tornado victims in Greensboro

Many lend hand to tornado victims in Greensboro
April 26
09:37 2018

There is a massive cleanup effort in the eastern portion of the city of Greensboro following the devastating tornado that hit on April 15. With many residents losing everything they own, organizations all across the Triad are pitching in with whatever resources they have.

One of those organizations is Triad Strong, which is a group of individuals who collaborate for events and hold community service projects. Triad Strong has joined with the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity to provide food and the basic toiletry items one may need in a wake of a natural disaster.

Last Thursday, April 19, Triad Strong representative Arnita Miles collected items in front of Russell’s Funeral Home that were delivered to the victims of the tornado that same evening. She says when they saw the destruction on the news, they knew they had to do something to help.

“We just decided we wanted to come together as soon as we could to sponsor something for the residents in Greensboro,” said Miles.

She says the pictures in the newspapers and TV stations do not give people the full scope of the destruction in those neighborhoods that were affected by the tornado. They collected clothing, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, food and water.

“The pictures that you see don’t do it any justice,” she said. “It looks like a battlefield and some of the houses are completely destroyed. It is a long path of destruction and damage, so we helped do some cleaning.”

Miles was very appreciative to the Ministers’ Conference for its contributions to the relief efforts. She says the conference has a strong partnership with New Jerusalem Cathedral Church in Greensboro and will be donating the items to that church.

Kevin Williams, senior pastor of New Jerusalem, has set up a 24-hour command center to help with the victims of the tornado. Residents are able to come at any time to receive help.

“It makes me feel good to be able to give back to the community of Greensboro because I have friends that live in the city and for our group to be able to give back, that means we are making a difference,” she continued.

The conference made a donation of $500 to Triad Strong’s relief efforts. The conference says helping out those in need is part of why they are here.

“I was glad that a motion was made to contribute to the efforts for relief of the tornado,” says Ministers’ Conference treasurer Rev. Dr. Dennis Leach. “It says that we are connected and that we care about those that are hurting at this time.”

Triad Strong is not the only organization collecting donations to help Greensboro. Other groups such as Social Heart are also putting together relief efforts to send to Greensboro.

A number of churches are also following suit. Congregations from Morningstar Missionary Baptist Church, Galilee Missionary Baptist Church and Emmanuel Baptist church are collecting donations during their Sunday services and during the week that will be given to the relief efforts as well.

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