Men’s conference aims to raise spirits

Rev. Alvin Carlisle delivered the sermon last Thursday during the Men's Conference at Greater Tabernacle Worship Center.

Men’s conference aims to raise spirits
June 21
02:00 2018

From June 13 through 15, the Men’s Ministry of Greater Tabernacle Worship Center celebrated its annual Men’s Conference.  The three-day event featured three local ministers who delivered positively charged messages each night aimed toward uplifting the men of the congregation.

On Thursday, June 14, Alvin Carlisle, senior pastor of Exodus United Baptist Church, was the guest speaker for the evening.  His message of being “the right man for the moment” was geared toward the men in attendance being ready for the call of God, whenever that moment comes.

“I just feel like men have a place and God put us here for a purpose,” said Carlisle.  “He made us like He made us to get done what He has planned, so I think it is important as men that we connect with that.”

“God will put us in the right place at the right time and what we have been through, will bring us to that point that He can really receive glory out of our life,” he continued.

Apostle B.J. McCloud, Greater Tabernacle senior pastor, stated that the message Rev. Carlisle delivered Thursday evening was perfect, especially for the young men in attendance.

“His [Carlisle] message was very prevalent for these times and I feel like he empowered all the men and women that were here,” said McCloud.  “This is a time in 2018 that both men and women need to be empowered.”

Carlisle stated he feels it’s great for men of all ages to congregate in the church to learn from one another. 

“I’m convinced that a lot of the wrong paths we take through the course of life as men a lot of times happen because we don’t have that example of somebody that connects to us to help show us the way and save us from some of those mistakes,” he said. 

“My passion is to reach out to young men and make sure they have that leadership and that direction,” he went on to say.

After the message from Carlisle, McCloud addressed the young men about their responsibilities not only to themselves but also to the Lord and their families. 

“As I look around and as I do community work, I am seeing lots of males in jail and a lot of women being the head of the household,” she said.  “There is no respect and they are not achieving what God has intended for them to achieve so if it takes me standing up and speaking on it I will do that because we have some brilliant men and they are so supposed to take their place in society.”

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