Ministerial leader encourages Honors Society inductees

Photo by Timothy Ramsey- The Rev. Dr. Lamonte Williams spoke to the children about celebrating their differences.

Ministerial leader encourages Honors Society inductees
June 01
00:00 2017

On Wednesday, May 25, Carter G. Woodson (CGW) School held its National Honor Society induction ceremony with special guest speaker the Rev. Dr. Lamonte Williams, president of the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity.

The National Honor Society is a national organization for high school students that seeks to honor those who demonstrate excellence in the four basic qualifications for entrance into the National Honor Society (NHS):  scholarship, leadership, service and character.  Students are eligible to be inducted into the society in grades 10 through 12. Students are inducted in a ceremony in the spring held by respective school chapters.

The Carter G. Woodson School inductees were Antonio Rattley, Alejandro Merlin-Ramirez, Oluwabunkola Oyenike Ojo, Sara Parral Sotelo, Sofia Lopez-Arellano, Brittany Jeanette I.E. Shuff, Mikya Wilkins, Sheyla Hernandez-Molina, Uziel Salazar, Lizbeth Cruz-Jaimes and Leticia Juanico Valadez.

“Words cannot express my joy in seeing our kids excel against the negative messages they receive from society,” said Beleita Martin-Mack, faculty adviser for the NHS at CGW.  “I am very proud that they go against the grain and continue to do well.”

During the program, candles were lit to highlight the core values of the society.  Candles were in school colors to represent each of the values.  This was followed by the reciting of the pledge by the new inductees. 

As the new members were called to be inducted, a current member placed the  pin on their shirt and stole around their necks making them an official member.  A gift of a single flower was presented to the parents of the new members for their efforts in assistingthem in the new members achieve this status.

A song of honor and a poem preceded a slide show honoring the new members.  Next on the stage was the guest speaker, Dr. Williams.  His message to the children was for them to “dare to be different” and not conform to societal norms.  He also touched on staying close to the Lord in all their efforts going forward.  He closed by telling the kids to celebrate their difference and not worry about what others think about them.

“I enjoyed speaking to the kids because it put me back in the mindset of my high school days,” Williams said.  “I saw a level of excitement that took me to a place of pure happiness.  These young people earned this honor and hats off to them.”

“The major thing I wanted to convey is that they should appreciate their differences.  If they strive for it they will be the next doctors, lawyers, or event president.  I love young people and if they keep God in their lives they will continue to do great things.”

Dr. Carlton Eversley was also in attendance.  He has been working at CGW for the past three years and says he has taught many of the new inductees.  He says he is very proud of the new members for their hard work and effort.

“There is so much anti-intellectual activity in America particularly for students of color it’s nice to see these kids excel,” he said.  “Those who have taken the hard classes are sometimes ridiculed so we continue to stress academics here.  They are very bright and are deep thinkers.”

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