New business aims to help other businesses succeed

Chisa Pennix-Brown and Montro Brown are starting a new venture in the Triad area to help business owners.

New business aims to help other businesses succeed
October 03
07:35 2022

If you are a young entrepreneur or just looking to get your business off the ground, this is the event for you. Give it to the People® (GITTP) is a new business that is throwing a launch party on Saturday, Oct. 8, at 101 S. Elm St. in Greensboro from 2 to 4 p.m., to introduce themselves to the people of the Triad.

GITTP is owned and operated by Chisa Pennix-Brown and Montro Brown. The Browns are “mental wealth curators” and during the launch party they will elaborate more on the services they provide to help grow your business.

GITTP started as a podcast prior to the COVID-19 pandemic to highlight Black and women-owned businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. The Browns interviewed owners in their studio, but once the pandemic started they had to shut things down.  

“The concept was still there, so we did it live and we did it online for a while, but we knew that at some point in time, once everything cleared back up, that we wanted to be able to reopen a studio, but we also wanted to make it a little more accessible for people,” Pennix-Brown said about the business.

“So, we decided to do some events that were micro-gatherings and make them where they were small events that were 30 or less people with the idea of keeping it COVID safe, but also the intimacy of just having a small group of people led to better connections, led to people doing business with each other, and also led to a better sense of community with the people that were involved with the events that we did. So, my husband and I decided to turn it into an actual business last year.

With things returning back to pre-pandemic form, the Browns also chose to open up a studio. The difference with this studio is that they wanted to focus on curated conferences.

“In the new facility, we have our own little studio where people can record their podcasts if they want. They can also record their content because what we have been seeing is that a lot of people want to do their presentations and they want to have something that looks more professional,” she said about the new space.

“They also want to do things where they are going to teach other people certain skills, or they want to have retreats or they want to have meetings and a lot of people may work from home or may not have somebody to help them with being able to pull off an event like that. We decided that with the curated conference, we would help co-sponsor all of the events, so this way people get the opportunity to have somebody that’s already in with the marketing, already in the business community, and ready to help them grow with a small audience and they can get bigger later on.”

For the launch party, Pennix-Brown is hoping that people come out to see what they have to offer to the local business community.  

“We are transitioning from one company and going to another and we wanted to make a clear distinction that this is for Give it to the People,” she continued. “The workshops that we will be putting on focus on mental wealth, which is what we like to call our way of doing things. Basically, the things are getting your mind right and getting your money right.

“Part of the biggest difference with Give it to the People is that we are not only focused on entrepreneurs. We look at the types of events that are constantly offered in other cities, other states or even other countries that are not happening here and our goal is to bring those types of things here to Greensboro. Bringing that and just allowing people to just get into what we are doing and then also see that they can be creative with their own events are the things we want to stress with the launch.”

During the launch, the plan is to have people mix and mingle upon arriving to the space. There will be a ribbon cutting and a tour of the studio. Following the tour, there will be a Q & A session to answer any questions people may have. There will be food and drinks available as well.

“We are not making it so that it’s an all-day thing,” she said about the length of the event. “It’s enough time to mix and mingle, to meet some new people, and find out about our events. And if they want to sign up, we will have specials that day for people that attended.”

For more information about Give it to the People or the launch party, please visit

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