Old North State Medical Society holds 132nd annual meeting at Grandover Resort

Old North State Medical Society held its 132nd annual meeting and scientific assembly last weekend at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro.

Old North State Medical Society holds 132nd annual meeting at Grandover Resort
June 27
00:00 2019

By Monica Fatorma

Old North State Medical Society held its 132nd annual meeting and scientific assembly last weekend at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. Leading physicians, lawmakers and business professionals came together to learn about new opportunities, innovations, and policy decisions affecting the healthcare industry. There were also current and aspiring medical students in attendance who learned about topics ranging from new laws affecting the medical field, disparities in healthcare, mental health concerns in the African American population, lack of diversity and representation in healthcare, and other health-related topics.

Being a part of this was conference gave young people in attendance the opportunity to hear from professionals in the field and several medical students said it was refreshing to be in an environment where they saw representations of themselves all around them.

Several important topics were discussed, such as trauma-related deaths from gunshot wounds. Dr. James Wyatt spoke on how there is a growing concern for young African American males involved in violent crimes, and especially those involving guns, in Greensboro and other cities. Not only is the risk for African American males high, but there are oftentimes disparities in how these victims are treated by the medical community because of common stereotypes that Dr. Wyatt hopes will dissipate in the future. Work is being done to find ways to avert this crisis, but no clear resolution has been found. Dr. Wyatt is hoping to create safe zones for individuals who feel trapped in helpless situations and where they are at high risk for becoming victims of this type of trauma.

Dr. Damon Tweedy, author of “A Black Man in a White Coat,” who was also in attendance, implored the healthcare community to encourage students who are interested in the medical field to consider becoming psychiatrists as there is a shortage of representation of African Americans in this field.

As affordable healthcare is starting to be at the forefront of the minds of many Americans, politicians have pounced on the opportunity to show their position. Many presidential candidates are making it clear where they stand, causing it to be a hot topic in the political arena. Accessibility, affordability, and quality care are closely intertwined and the medical community, alongside politicians, are struggling to deliver the promise to Americans, who are skeptical that both affiliations are doing everything possible to make America a healthier nation.

The Honorable Congresswoman Alma Adams closed the event with some staggering figures and an important message to all Americans. One in five Americans haven’t filled prescriptions because they can’t afford them, she stated. Adams said this is due partially because the healthcare industry currently is focused more on profit than people. She said that people can make the government act and although lawmakers make the decisions, it is the people that put them there. It is important that everyone from all walks of life stay knowledgeable and involved so a basic human right, access to affordable healthcare, is not taken away. As Congresswoman Adams stated, every human being regardless of background needs to help to “make America healthy again” rather than embrace partisan politics that “make America sick again.”

Old North State Medical Society is part of the NC AHEC program whose goals are to both provide updates on major advances and findings in the treatment of disease, and to provide models that show the best practices for further improvement in positive outcomes for patients. Information and requirements on how to join can be found at Organizations that youth can get involved in to assist people at high risk of violent trauma-related incidents include: Safer City, Greensboro, Purdue Peace Project, Partners in Peace, Save a Life and the CureViolence Organization.

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