Organization holds golf tournament to support youth

The “Union Cup” is presented to the winning team of the golf tournament.

Organization holds golf tournament to support youth
May 23
00:10 2019

The Forsyth County Sunday School Union held their fourth annual “Union Cup” Golf Tournament at the Winston Lake Golf Course on Saturday, May 18.  

The Sunday School Union holds the tournament to support the youth in their various churches through a scholarship essay program, oratory contest and a youth Bible bowl. The Union has been in existence for 118 years and continues to serve the religious community of Forsyth County.

“The intent of the Sunday School Union is to be supportive to the other churches in the area of Sunday school and youth events,” said Richard Wood, Sunday School Union member. “We are happy to do that, because there are so many churches and so many youth that are missing and this is our attempt to try to fill the gap and provide opportunities for them to equate biblical knowledge to their everyday life.”

Scores of golfers from the congregations in the union, along with individuals from the community, came out to the course to participate in the event. Even though it was a fundraising event, everyone still had a competitive edge prior to heading out to the course.

The idea for the golf tournament came from Sunday School Union member Tommie Speaks. Speaks is an avid golfer and thought this would be a great way to bring in funds to the union to assist in their efforts to help the youth.

“We were in our meeting discussing how we could raise funds to promote the different programs that we have in place and since I have always played golf, I said this would be a great idea where we could bring all the churches together to raise funds,” said Speaks.

According to Speaks, most of the golfers participating in the tournament are returning golfers from the year before. He says they really enjoy coming out to support the union and the youth they support.

Each team from the tournament represented a different church in the union. The winning team, Piney Grove Baptist, received the “Union Cup” trophy to bring back to their church to house for the next year.

Sunday School Union president Catherine Crawford said she is pleased to have the support from the community that continues to assist in their efforts to support the youth of Forsyth County.

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