Paula McCoy qualifies to run for the Northeast Ward City Council seat

Paula McCoy

Paula McCoy  qualifies to run for the Northeast Ward City Council seat
July 08
14:08 2020

Paula McCoy has successfully completed the requirements required by the N.C. State Board of Elections to appear as an unaffiliated candidate on the Nov. 3 election. McCoy has secured the 281 signatures of registered voters in the Northeast Ward required by the elections board to be placed on the ballot. 

McCoy had no easy task to get these signatures while in the middle of a pandemic, but was encouraged by many residents of the Northeast Ward who overwhelmingly agree that it is time for a change. 

The campaign headquarters located at 4219 North Liberty St. is now ready to do business with the diverse coalitions and grassroots organizations that are wholeheartedly committed to her winning this election. 

This nonpartisan and collaborative campaign is based on the principles of  change, leadership and experience to create greater unity for all citizens in the community regardless of political beliefs and affiliations:

*Change that will take the focus off politics and put it on effective government that can work together and with others. 

*Leadership that is needed now more than ever, that will unite people; committed to providing strong and sustaining team leadership to help people in their communities, organizations and as individuals to realize their own potential for success; using the position to leverage success for the entire community.

*Experience gained over two decades of advocating for services in the community; involvement in affordable housing, equitable education, poverty and economic expansion opportunities; a council representative, using every opportunity to work with public and private organizations to help us recover from the devastation of COVID19.

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