Poem of the Week: Mandemic (Virus in the form of a man)

Poem of the Week: Mandemic (Virus in the form of a man)
July 02
13:00 2020

By: Syrbrina  Oshode  

I can’t breathe, call my mom, is what the man said

And in the blink of an eye, the man who cried out was dead

Worse than a Pandemic, or Virus, or Plague known to man

Is a Mandemic, filled with hatred, now patrolling our land

While protecting and serving and upholding the law

The whole world stood in awe, of the injustice they saw

As eight minutes ticked by, George was facing his doom

While held down, on the ground that would soon be his tomb

I can’t imagine the horror, as his breath slipped away

And he say to himself, I will be dying today

The crowd stood by helpless, while those Mandemics stood Guard

The uniforms they were wearing, nothing but a façade

How does hatred exist, in the hearts of mankind

To watch one of God’s children, just lying there dying 

The entire human race, outraged and amazed

As we fight one Pandamic, here comes a worse plague

We had hoped that those chains that used to bind us were loosed

To only find out one day, our neck’s still in a noose

In the form of a knee, instead of a rope

But the results were the same, and how long must we cope

This cop had to think, what of his family

But then answered himself, well they’re nothing to me

And he had to have known, he was doing something wrong

To put his knee on George’s neck and hold him down for so long

We’re afraid for our children and wherever they roam

We have no way of knowing, if they’ll make it back home

But whatever the answer, this mayhem must cease

And in the case of George Floyd, if no justice no peace!

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