QE Academy to expand sports program

QE Academy to expand sports program
May 03
04:00 2018

In an effort to compete with other area schools, Quality Education Academy will expand its sports program to include a multitude of sports such as football, tennis, volleyball, soccer and track and field.

The school is already known for its tremendously successful basketball program.  According to administrator and head basketball coach, Isaac Pitts, the plan is to make the new sports programs just as successful as basketball.

“We want to gear all of our programs towards the local talent that we have here in Winston-Salem,” said Pitts.  “As we continue to grow we would like to give our kids different options like they do at other schools and this is what our student body wants.”

Pitts says the need to bring in the other sports especially football will allow QEA to be an attractive landing spot for those young men in the city who want to play football along with getting a quality education.

“Now kids will want to come over here not only because our test scores and academics are good but also can play football or soccer or tennis,” he continued.

Football is the major sport that they are pushing the most.  Pitts says they are on the hunt for a head coach now along with assistants to fill the staff. 

“We want that person to have coaching experience and be energetic and knows the community,” Pitts said.  “We would like someone who is affiliated with Pop Warner and give the opportunity to someone who has never had the chance before.”

As of now they currently have seven games on their fall 2018 schedule but would like to add three more games to make a total of 10.

Devane Woodruff, QEA athletic director, says he is really excited about the development of all the sports programs the school has to offer.  He says this goes along with the vision of the school, which is to raise the quality of life of everyone they touch.

“Kids out there want to play sports and if you talk to any player in a professional sport and they will tell you that a coach helped get them there and not just as a player but as a person and that is the type of person we are looking for,” said Woodruff. 

Pitts added, “We want to reach a lot more kids in the community because we have the space and facilities to do it.  We are geared up for this and we welcome anybody. 

Woodruff and Pitts say they plan to hit the ground running with all of the sports.  They say they know it will take time to build but they don’t anticipate a long wait for all of their programs to be just as successful as basketball.

“Just like when we started basketball if we go into something we go in to compete,” said Pitts.  “We are not saying we will be successful overnight but we are looking for the best possible coaches to make our young men and women the best they can be.”

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