QEA finds head coach for football team

QEA finds head coach for football team
June 28
05:00 2018

Earlier this year Quality Education Academy (QEA) announced it will be introducing new sports to their program this fall.  Among them was a varsity football program, and the Pharaohs have found their head coach in Antonio Stevenson to lead their team.

QEA Administrator Isaac Pitts and Athletic Director Devane Woodruff went through an extensive search interviewing many potential suitors for the job.  Pitts says they were in no rush to hire a coach, but once Stevenson was  interviewed, he fell right in line with the views the school had for the team and its players.

“We know we hired the right man,” said Pitts.  “We were waiting for the right man, and there wasn’t a timetable for the hire, so we feel we  have the right man for the right job at the right time.”

According to Pitts, passion was the thing that separated Stevenson from the other applicants.  He says it became a “no brainer” to hire Stevenson once they went through the interview process.

“I feel if a man has passion for what he does, he’s going to be a champion,” Pitts stated.  “We wanted someone who was connected to the community, understands our kids and is willing to put the time and work in to be great, and we found that.”

Stevenson played football at Carver High School and was one of the all-time greats and is a Carver hall of famer.  He played is first year of college football at Wake Forest University before transferring to Winston-Salem State University (WSSU).  He is also a hall of famer at WSSU, holding several defensive records to this day.

Stevenson has coached at Carver, Parkland and Glenn prior to coming to QEA.  He took last year off from coaching and says he can’t wait to put the OEA football team on the same level as their basketball program.

“Coming here is a dream situation, not a dream job, to be able to mold student athletes into champions,” said Pitts.  “I knew that I was coming to a system and a culture that I was already a part of.  I don’t think there is any other situation more perfect for me than this one.”

As a first-year program, Stevenson says he plans to carry on the tradition of winning the school has already set.  Stevenson says success will not be quantified by only wins and losses.

“We are going to get some kids in here to buy into the culture and system and we are going to win,” he says.

Since taking the job at QEA, Stevenson says he has fielded numerous calls from players and parents from around the county inquiring about the football program.  Stevenson says he is not recruiting any students, as he does not want to take kids away from other programs, but he is willing to discuss what QEA has to offer when contacted by a parent or player.

“I have received seven calls today and about 20 calls yesterday from a Facebook post I put up,” he said.  “I feel like if I am not pulling any kids away from any programs, then I haven’t done anything wrong.  My boss told me there will be no recruiting, so I am not recruiting, but I am telling the world about this beautiful campus and this beautiful situation for every child.”

Stevenson is in the process of filling out his coaching staff at this moment.  He says he plans to complete his staff hires quickly because he wants to start summer workouts within the next couple of weeks.

Woodruff stated he was impressed with Stevenson due to him buying into the core values the school has for their students and staff.  He says he expects excellence from the start because that is what the school anticipates from everything they do.

“We want to put together a quality program and deliver a quality product so that we can show that our community is worth taking a look at and paying attention to,” said Woodruff.  “We can’t do anything less than excellence so that is what I expect.”

QEA will play a varsity 10-game schedule this fall.  Pitts stated they are still in conversation with a couple of venues for them to play their home games this year. 

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