Quality Education Academy building named for co-founder Simon S. Johnson

Quality Education Academy’s newest addition was formally named the Simon S. Johnson Building on Nov. 7.

Quality Education Academy  building named for co-founder Simon S. Johnson
December 05
01:00 2019

Simon S. Johnson, one of the cornerstone leaders and co-founder of Quality Education Schools, was recently honored by having the newly-constructed addition to the high school named in his honor. Johnson, a life-long educator and school administrator for Quality Education Schools, retired July 1, 2019, as its chief executive officer. 

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the board of directors for Quality Education Academy formally named its addition to the high school building the SIMON S. JOHNSON BUILDING. This honor was bestowed on Johnson because of his longstanding commitment to the school since its inception in 1992, his dedication in leading the schools, and launching the schools’ educational vision. 

Johnson worked in concert with more than 100 community leaders, parents, school personnel and students, to integrate a multi-disciplinary learning model. This model helped to successfully grow the daycare, the elementary, middle and high schools. The integration of multiple disciplines includes an entrepreneurship component that prepares graduates to gain business and job readiness skills with potential for continued learning in post secondary education.  

Johnson retired from Quality Education Academy and Quality Education Institute as the chief executive officer in July 2019 after serving 27 years. Johnson is an experienced, trusted and trained administrator. In addition, he has served in many capacities, such as family advisor and counselor, helping many parents with parenting techniques, listening skills, and managing a family budget.

At the building-naming event, Johnson spoke about trusting the human process to implement change and putting our hands to the plow to form the earth for new seedling to bear fruit and to grow bountifully. Johnson emphasized that integrating institutions with the community as its aspirations is a critical part of the growth and success of Quality Education Schools.

Johnson further shared his knowledge on TRUST and Building Our Future as humankind:

“As humans, our relative lack of understanding and inner disconnection is what makes trust such a difficult concept to master, because trust is an individual experience that grows both from a relationship with yourself and a belief in and interactions with others. When you include others in your inner mind and inner circle, you grow, and you bring someone along with you as well. Therefore, new systems can be formed, new ways of educating our young people can be formed. We as a people must continue to put our hands to the plow, to till the minds of our youth, so they can create fertile soil for growth and development. I am leaving Quality Education Schools in excellent hands with the new CEO, Tonya Bellanger, who is ready to take the schools to new heights.” 

Mayor Allen Joines and Mayor Pro Tempore Dr. Vivian H. Burke stated during the retirement celebration that, “Mr. Johnson’s stamp of excellence resonated in all aspects of the schools’ operational principles.”

Mayor Allen Joines attended the building-naming ceremony to help celebrate the tenure of Johnson with Quality Education Schools.

Dr. Jefferson R. Caruthers, Jr., the board chairman of Quality Education Schools, commended Johnson for his years of service and distinguished leadership in the immediate education community, as well as throughout the state and region. 

Quality Education Academy, located at 5151 Lansing Drive, is a charter school that offers personalized learning opportunities in small classroom settings. Quality Education Academy, together with Quality Education Institute, a private daycare, forms what is known as Quality Education Schools. To learn more about Quality Education Schools, contact Tonya Bellanger at 336-744-7138.

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