Rec Center holds series of events for teens

W.R. Anderson Center is holding a series of events for teens every two weeks.

Rec Center holds series of events for teens
March 18
10:00 2021

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to feel various degrees of cabin fever, especially kids. Adults were able to go to work to get out of the house, but most kids were not so lucky. Realizing there was a need for teen entertainment, the City of Winston-Salem connected with the W.R. Anderson Recreation Center for a series of events to entertain young adults.

The events are for teens ages 13-19 and will take place every two weeks at the rec center. The first event to get things kicked off was an open mic night that took place on Feb. 23. The second event was a kid friendly “sip and paint” where the kids got the chance to show their artistic side.

Upcoming events are a career day, canned food drive, professional day preparation, and a tour of Winston-Salem State University. Kayla Garrett, from the City of Winston-Salem, spearheaded the events in coordination with W.R. Anderson Senior Supervisor Bryant McCorkle.

“She (Garrett) wanted to do a program for teens to have a positive outlet to go after school and have resources to do better at life,” said McCorkle. “She thought during the pandemic this would be good, because everyone is leaving out the teenagers. This is a way to express themselves and she also provides group therapy as well.”

Currently there are 35 kids signed up for the program through the rec center. According to McCorkle, the kids are really enjoying the events because it gives them somewhere to go after school, as well as keeping them out of potential trouble.

“This has been great, because a lot of these kids have been looking for something to do,” McCorkle said about the program. “A lot of kids want something positive to do and the parents love it also.”

McCorkle said he was introduced to Garrett last year when the pandemic began, so he was familiar with her willingness to assist young people. When Garrett approached him with the idea for the series of events, he jumped at the chance to work with her once again.

The young people participating in the events come from all parts of the city. McCorkle stated that Garrett “put boots to the ground” and wrestled up the kids to join the program.  

For McCorkle, this is another day at the office. He has always been a person that has put the kids first. He says he was happy to provide a small sense of normalcy to the kids.

“It’s been great because we need it and it’s good therapy for the kids,” he said. “They are not out there fighting; they are in here trying to learn and better themselves.”

McCorkle says he is eagerly awaiting a return to having the center fully open. In the coming months, McCorkle says the rec center will be having a few more programs for the kids, including a book club.

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