Reynolds player excels on lacrosse field

Trejon Cannon is a defensive mid-fielder for the Demon Varsity lacrosse team.

Reynolds player excels on lacrosse field
March 09
05:15 2017

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Each year more and more African-Americans are branching out to sports outside of football, basketball and track and field.  Sports such as tennis, golf, soccer and lacrosse are gaining more interest from African-American youth.

Trejon Cannon is a junior lacrosse player at R.J. Reynolds High School. He has been playing the sport for the past seven years.  He says he started playing the game because of the fun of the game and the fact he is able to meet a lot of people.

“I love the game and it’s a lot of fun,” Cannon said.  “It has elements of football, basketball and soccer when it comes to the plays and picks and it’s a very fast paced game.  I love the chemistry I have with my teammates and I love the guys on the team.”

Money Cannon, Trejon’s mother, said when her son first came to her about playing lacrosse, she did not know what the sport was.  She says her family was typically into sports like football and track, so when lacrosse was brought up by her son, she switched gears.

“I am a crazy lacrosse mom but I try to settle myself because lacrosse fans are a little more modest than most football fans,” said Ms. Cannon. “I have grown to love the game, especially since it’s been so good to Trejon.”

Reynolds defensive coach George Costas says that Trejon has good grades in the classroom and a high character.

“He is a wonderful leader on our team and leads by example,” Costas said.  “He always gives 100 percent, whether it’s in practice or in the game.

“When it comes to playing on the collegiate level, I think he has opportunities from his physical abilities; it’s just a matter of his desire and commitment.  I think TC has the ability to play, it’s just a matter of what opportunities open up for him,” Costas said.

Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill serves as head coach for the Demon lacrosse team.  He says Cannon is a determined and hard working young man.  He says Trejon is also polite and respectful when dealing with the coaches.

“He is one of the fastest players we have had the pleasure of coaching here at Reynolds,” said O’Neill.  “He creates a lot of problems for the defense in terms of just being able to keep up with him.  Trejon’s work ethic is among the best and all the hard work, effort and time he has put into the sport over the years looks like it may be paying off as he has drawn some interest from some colleges.

“The prospect of him playing in college is a reality.  When you see someone who works so hard and has put in the time you cant help but be happy for them to see that it may finally pay off,”  O’Neill said.

O’Neill says that Cannon is beloved by all of his teammates and has the ability to make everyone laugh with his one-liners. He says he projects Cannon to be a defensive midfielder in college but as his offensive game develops, he expects him to be used there as well.

Cannon currently is looking to either attend the University of Richmond or Virginia Tech.  He says he expects his team to come home with the state championship at the end of the season.

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