School board encourages parents to get involved

School board encourages parents to get involved
September 01
06:15 2016



Prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year, members of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS) Board of Education met with parents and others with a vested interest in local schools to discuss the district’s core values.

Throughout the summer months, school board members worked with parents, teachers, administrators and others in the community to create a list of words that will be associated with the overall mission of the district. Afterward, several stakeholders decided that student-centered, collaboration; accountability, integrity, high expectations, and equity are what the district should value most.

School board chair Dana Caudill-Jones said, “This district will live by these core values every day throughout the school year.”

During the event held inside the Arts Council Theater, parents also learned about various childcare offerings and other activities for children. Parents and guardians were also encouraged to become more involved in students’ education by joining the PTA and building working relationships with teachers and administrators.

Caudill-Jones said parents are the most important part of the WS/FCS team. She mentioned what parents do for students each and every day that no teacher or administrator can replicate.

“I can say personally my parents were always my greatest supporters and what you bring to your child no teacher can really do. You are our rock stars and our unsung heroes,” she said.  “You make the difference and we want more of you in our schools.”

To wrap up the event, parents and guardians took to the stage to discuss the importance of getting involved and how they will support their children’s school this school year. Michelle Todd-Davis said it is important that parents recognize and address the needs of children in the home as well as in school.

“I think it’s time we cut some things out. We need to start communicating more with our children,” Todd-Davis said.

Stella Holmes, who is responsible for her grandchild, said she is all in when it comes to helping educate her grandson who attends Gibson Elementary School. As a member of the parent involvement team at Gibson, Holmes said any time she is asked to do something at the school, she does it.

“I volunteer at the school, I’m a member of the PTA, and I feel like family is very important,” she continued. “It’s up to the family to help these children and keep them on the right path.”

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