Start the new year with The Chronicle

Start the new year with The Chronicle
December 31
00:00 2014

Happy New Year!

Thank you for viewing The Chronicle online.

As you begin 2015, we invite you to purchase a copy of The Chronicle. This will enable you to share the great news, features and advertising in The Chronicle with those who do not have access to the Internet.

Gift subscriptions also are available. Visit The Chronicle’s office at 617 N. Liberty St., in downtown Winston-Salem, or find the coupon in the newspaper.

The following is a partial list of retail outlets and businesses where The Chronicle is available throughout the Winston-Salem area:

*The Chronicle’s office at 617 N. Liberty St., downtown

*The Winston-Salem Transit Authority’s Transportation Center at Trade and Liberty, downtown

*U.S. Post Office on Patterson Avenue

*Comp Rehab

*Forsyth Medical Center

*Baptist Hospital visitors’ entrance

*Baptist Café

*Hawthorne Inn

*Washington Perk

*Russell Funeral Home

*Zael’s Florist

*Winston Lake YMCA

*Anderson Center at Winston-Salem State University

*Blair Hall at Winston-Salem State University

*Camel City News and Gifts

*Northside Discount Tobacco

*Shear Illusions Beauty Shop

*Various Walmart stores

*Various Family Dollar discount stores

*25th Street Grill

*Old Lexington BBQ

*Jimmy The Greek restaurant

*Cody’s Smokehouse

*Churches Chicken on Patterson Avenue

*McDonald’s on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

*Forsyth Seafood

*Simply Soul restaurant

* Various Golden Coral restaurants

*Various Bojangles restaurants

*Various K&W cafeterias

*1st Street Mart

*4th and Spruce St.

*Ronnie’s Country Store

*JB’s Food Mart

*Liberty Street Grocery

*King In Town Grocery

*Neighborhood Grocery Store

*3 Girls Grocery

*Compare Food on Waughtown Street

*Various Food Lion supermarkets

*Various Harris Teeter supermarkets

*Various Lowes Food supermarkets

*Various CVS drug stores

*Walgreen’s drug store on Cloverdale Avenue


*Solo gas station/convenient store in Happy Hill

*4 Brothers Amoco gas station/convenient store

*Petro gas station/convenient store on New Walkertown Road

*Shell gas station/convenient store on Akron Road

*BP gas station/convenient store on New Walkertown Road

*Various Fairway One Stop gas stations/convenient stores

*Various Circle K gas stations/convenient stores

*Various Citgo gas stations/convenient stores

*Various Wilco gas stations/convenient stores

*Various Valero gas stations/convenient stores

Check back for the latest issue of The Chronicle at

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