The ACEY Group recognizes Trinity Glen nursing assistants

The ACEY Group honored CNAs at Trinity Glen during National Nursing Assistant Week.

The ACEY Group recognizes Trinity Glen nursing assistants
August 04
13:52 2021

The ACEY Group is pleased to support and partner with Trinity Glen, a facility that offers short-stay guests and long-term residents 24-hour skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services. Trinity Glen is located on Waterworks Road and is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization, an affiliate of Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC).

The ACEY Group’s purpose for partnering with Trinity Glen is to recognize the work and accomplishments of nursing assistants during the week of National Nursing Assistant Week, June 21-25.

The caring spirit, smiles and sacrifices of nursing assistants often go unnoticed in the day-to-day services provided by these professionals. Nursing assistants work to re-ignite their patients’ spirit while providing positive and quality health care. Within the walls of Trinity Glen, patients are engaged, renewed, and bonds are created with their residents from all walks of life. 

As a visitor walking through a nursing home facility, you may not be aware of all the staff support, but members of the ACEY Group are knowledgable of the employees behind the scenes who ensure the successful outcomes for the residents. Twana Roebuck, chairman of the CNA Recognition Initiative, stated, “Celebrating the professionals in this field of service refreshes their minds and participants gain self-pride and expand their ability to care for themselves, their colleagues, and the patients and families they serve. They experience a renewed sense of being part of a healthcare community called to care for people during times of illness and vulnerability.” 

Over 44 nursing assistants received lunch or dinner on all three shifts from A Taste of the Triad, as well as a certificate of appreciation.

Cissy McCoy, Trinity Glen’s administrator, expressed sincere appreciation and said,  “Thanks for the recognition of the nursing assistants. Very little is done from a public perspective on behalf of the certified nursing assistant. Therefore, it was greatly appreciated.”

Angela Logan, Trinity Glen’s staff development coordinator, indicated it was “… thoughtful and kind that the ACEY Group honored nursing assistants at Trinity Glen this year.”    

Dr. Betty Alexander, president of the ACEY Group, stated, “In partnering with Trinity Glen on this project, the ACEY Group will continue its effort throughout the community to bring awareness for employees in this healthcare field.”

Some of the resources and support ACEY Group hopes to bring to this partnership, based on COVID-19 protocols and approval from Trinity Glen administrators, include:

*Potentially providing note cards for patients who may not have frequent visitation from family and friends.

*Providing conversations and/or discussion groups with nursing assistants and patients. 

*Recognizing the accomplishments of nursing assistants

*Connecting the site to local community resources

The ACEY Group plays a vital role in building a stronger community where all children, families and older adults have the basic right to be economically secure and free from the debilitating effects of intergenerational poverty. We hope our work with community service providers will continue to serve as a catalyst to help achieve this vision.  ACEY stands for:

Achievement in the education of women and girls;

Collaboration and connection with community organizations;

Educate, encourage and empower women and girls; and

Yield, maintain and support women leaders.

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