The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Sisters provide passionate and holistic care to patients in Winston-Salem

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Sisters provide passionate  and holistic care to patients in Winston-Salem
July 29
15:03 2022

By Busta Brown

Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness, PLLC is a joint venture between sisters Stephanie Smith Miles and Cherese Smith Blue. The Winston-Salem natives said compassion and holistic care is their priority. Stephanie said Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness is the only direct primary care practice in Winston-Salem. What sets them apart from the rest, said Stephanie, is  “we do things a little different, because we’re membership based. I don’t bill my client’s insurance companies. You pay a monthly subscription of $65, $75 or $85 a month and that gives you direct access to me, whenever you need me.” 

That also includes no co-pays, unlimited visits, discounts on lab work and prescriptions. Stephanie Smith Miles is a board-certified adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner, certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She completed her undergraduate degree at Winston Salem State University in 2011 and her master’s at Walden University in 2019.

“I’ve worked in the areas of emergency medicine and primary care,” said Stephanie. The wife and mother of two boys, she provides alternative care for her clients. She also owns IV SMiles Hydration & Wellness, offering alternative vitamin therapy via IV drips. “I do IV vitamins’ infusions, which is an alternative way of getting your vitamins, fluids and nutrients. A lot of people aren’t as trusting of western medicines,” said Stephanie. She said that’s why she and her sister think outside the box, with more holistic and alternative ways to treat their patients. 

Beginning in January 2023, Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness, PLLC will become a one-stop shop. “I will provide counseling services, so we can take care of our patients holistically,” said Cherese. 

“That’s why I call her the brain of the business,” joked Stephanie. 

Cherese is currently a graduate student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, where she is pursuing her master’s of science degree. Her anticipated graduation is December 2022. She received her bachelor of science in rehabilitation studies from Winston-Salem State University in 2012. Her background is in workforce development and she’s worked in human services for nearly a decade. 

“Working with individuals in education and employment, you quickly learn that there’s a lot more needed other than helping people get into college and then finding them a job. Because if things don’t work out, you realize something else is missing. I realized that mental health is that missing part,” She said it’s extremely important that your clients trust you. “They come to you and say, help me! Not with employment, job training, or getting into school. But with trauma and how to calm their mind in order to get a breakthrough,” shared the wife and mother of two. She said her goal is to help her clients reach a healthy mental balance so they can manage and maintain a job and career. 

Stephanie said that most companies in their field don’t offer both direct primary care and mental health services. One of the top frustrations with patients is the long wait in the lobby at their doctor’s office. Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness, PLLC has the answer. “Traditional offices have up to two or three thousand patients that one provider will see. My cap is 600.” She said that guarantees either same day or next day appointments. “When you call me, you can reach me. No more waiting months to be seen. We provide health care services the way it used to be – a great relationship and direct access.” She added that there’s no other practices in Winston-Salem that offer that direct access to their provider like her patients have. 

I asked the Winston-Salem State University Alums who would benefit most from this type of practice. “Anyone who is self-employed, a small business owner who can’t afford traditional insurance. This is a great way to go, because the membership fees are low.” She said it’s much cheaper than what you’re going to pay for insurance, plus you have that direct access to her. If you have insurance with a high deductible plan, “this is the way to go, because I will see you for 80% of our care,” said Stephanie. That includes chronic, acute, sick visits, lab visits, pap smears, physicals and more. 

Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness, PLLC has a small business package for small business owners that can’t afford to provide insurance for their employees. “We help you get them back into the workforce, healthy and ready to work.” 

Stephanie opened her heart and shared a very touching story about why she became a nurse. “When I was in high school, my father was ill and I was the one that took care of him. So, he always called me his nurse and that was well before I knew I was going to be a nurse.” While she was in nursing school, she would practice the head-to-toe assessments on her father. “He would sit in his recliner looking very proud and relaxed. When I graduated, I had my cap blinged out with the words ‘his nurse’ on it.” 

Sadly, the Smith sisters’ father earned his wings in 2009, succumbing to a heart attack. “It was the summer I started my first clinical in the nursing program and a day before my 21st birthday,” said Stephanie, as both ladies smiled, reminiscing about their hero. 

I asked Cherese to share the scripture that gives her strength during trying times. “Walk by faith, and not by sight.” Sometimes you get distracted and want to give up, but we have to remember things are not always what they seem. My dad was a preacher and he instilled in us that God has the last say.” 

Cherese shared that she was a teen mom, but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. “It was my parents’ favor over my life that inspired me to continue to push on no matter what comes my way.” 

I love the idea of having a mental health provider with a testimony such as Cherese, along with her passion to help others. 

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Smith’s Primary Care and Wellness, PLLC. For more info or to schedule an appointment, call 336-999-7009 or visit

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