Trust announces new grantmaking strategy

Trust announces new grantmaking strategy
November 15
10:20 2018

The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, Forsyth County’s largest private foundation and one of the largest in the state, Nov. 1 announced a dramatic change in its grantmaking strategy to focus on measurable outcomes rather than issues. The Trust believes this shift will enable it to more effectively support the people and communities it serves.

“We are committed to supporting promising and proven programs that can be scaled up, to projects that activate systems change, and to promoting equity to ensure all people and communities have full access to opportunity and the supports they need to succeed,” said Dr. Laura Gerald, president of the Trust.

Grantmaking will now take place on a rolling, rather than fixed, schedule. Strategy and grant information is available on the Trust’s website.

The Trust is committed to paying out $10 million in grants in Forsyth County in 2018 and 2019, and $29 million in grants across the state.

Throughout the state, the Trust invests in equitable access to health care and equitable health outcomes in areas with great need. The Trust’s Healthy Places initiative serves community-led projects in seven rural counties, tackling critical health topics such as obesity reduction, substance misuse, access to care, and adverse childhood experiences. In addition, the Trust is the largest foundation supporting ACA Open Enrollment efforts. It has made a $10 million commitment to North Carolina organizations that are helping residents sign up.

In Forsyth County, where the Trust is based, its Great Expectations initiative works to ensure that children in Forsyth County enter kindergarten ready to learn and leave set for success in school and life. Goals include: improving birth outcomes so all children get off to a good start, increasing access to quality childcare through universal pre-K, and improving traditional preschool and home-based childcare.

The Trust is committed to fostering an inclusive economy in Forsyth County and has announced a funding opportunity to strengthen the safety net, to ensure no one is left behind. The Trust has long supported safety net organizations in Forsyth County to ensure people have access to basic human needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. The Trust is supporting research and strategy development for its inclusive economy efforts, with updates to be announced over time. 

“There’s much to be done to achieve Mrs. Reynolds’ goal of improving the quality of life and health of residents throughout North Carolina. Our new approach gives us more tools and flexibility to achieve her mission and truly invest in impact,” says Dr. Gerald.

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