Walkertown JV guard Cameron Wilkerson talks to The Chronicle

Cameron Wilkerson prepares to shoot a free throw during practice last week.

Walkertown JV guard Cameron Wilkerson talks to The Chronicle
January 26
08:15 2017

Photo by Timothy Ramsey



From all accounts, Walkertown freshman Cameron Wilkerson is a young man that embodies tenacity and perseverance.  He has successfully made the transition from playing middle school basketball to the rigors of the high school level.  His head coach Charles Thomas says he had a tough time at the beginning of the year but has really turned it on recently.

“Cameron is definitely one of our players that is representing what we have done over here this season, which is building our program and getting to the point where we are now competitive,” said Thomas.  He was a player who really struggled in the beginning but as the season progressed he has really picked  up and over the last four games he is averaging double figures in points.

“He has really picked up his production and that matches what he does in the classroom.  From the classroom standpoint he’s been a kid who is an honor roll student, good character, and he brings that on to the court and it’s translated into success.”

Wilkerson’s father introduced him to the game of basketball and his love for the game developed from there.  He says he loves the offensive side of the ball and being able to shoot the three-ball.  He thinks the Wolfpack’s season has been going good so far but knows they have improvements to make as a team and for him personally.

“I feel like I can improve on my defense, and playing down low by getting more rebounds,” Wilkerson said of his game. “ But I think my shooting ability is one of my best assets.

Wilkerson says he really enjoys being around his teammates because they are “nice and fun” and they have a great relationship. He says that math and gym are his favorite subjects in school.  He would love to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill upon graduation.  His NBA idols are Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook.

Thomas feels as though Wilkerson has a solid skill set and with his solid work ethic he will continue to improve.

“His [Cameron] greatest assets go hand in hand with his favorite player, which is Steph Curry,” Thomas went on to say.

“He is going to shoot the ball well, is a good ball handler and he is going to compete.  His defense needs to be worked on along with his basketball IQ, but he has adapted well.”

“His confidence level is high, so I see the sky being the limit for him.  For the remainder of the season, I expect what he has been giving me the last month or so, which is a high level of play on both ends of the court.”

Thomas says the turn-around for his team came during the Lash/Chronicle tournament.  He says his team learned how to compete every game during the tournament.  At the time of this article, the Wolfpack had won three of their past four games.  Thomas said the culture change in the program is finally manifesting itself and hopes it continues.

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