They are back at it again

Whole Man Ministries is in the middle of yet another house renovation to help a veteran.

They are back at it again
August 18
08:56 2022

Just a few short months ago, Whole Man Ministries (WMM) finished construction on yet another house for a homeless veteran. They wasted no time in starting their next project as they have now begun remodeling another home for a needy veteran.

Whole Man Ministries has helped several veterans get back on their feet over the years by providing them with housing.  Bishop Barry Washington, WMM senior pastor, took no time off to start on the new home, which he plans to have finished by Veteran’s Day.

“We are poised to move forward and normally it takes us a year to do one of these because of funding and volunteers that we have to wait on, but this year I vowed to have this thing done before Veteran’s Day,” said Washington. “That’s cutting our time down in half, so we are going to push that, and I think we have a few people that want to help.

“We had a couple of churches come in and send in volunteers and that made a big difference as well.”

To accomplish their goal of finishing the home by November 11, which is Veteran’s Day, Washington says they have increased the number of volunteers working on renovating the home, while also increasing the funding that allows them to pay workers to work at a faster rate.

WMM started working on the home in July. Washington says the home was in a very dilapidated state and needed a lot of work to get the home up to their standards.

“It’s going to take a little bit more work. I would say maybe 15 to 20 percent more work than the last home,” Washington stated about the house.

The home WMM is working on is actually right next door to the last home they renovated for a veteran. Washington says that gives them a daily reminder of what the goal is and encourages them to work harder.  

Washington stated that not only does WMM renovate the home, but they also provide the appliances like refrigerator, stove, microwave and washer and dryer. If they have extra funding, they also furnish the home so that is another expense the veteran does not have to worry about.

WMM partners with several veteran’s organizations in order to find a veteran for their renovated homes.  

“We work with a couple organizations like Veteran Affairs and we try to go through them to try and find five or so veterans and then we narrow that down to two or three and then we finally make the selection,” said Washington about the selection process. “Usually all those agencies submit one or two clients and then we take it from there.”

Washington says it feels good to be recognized for the good work the church is doing. He feels veterans are a lost demographic in this country and he just wants to do what he can to help.

“We love that,” he said. “It’s nothing like being recognized for the work that you do for the community. That’s one of the greatest recognitions that you can have from the community, which is to be acknowledged for the work you do for the people.

“I always think that if your hand is on the plow and you’re pushing forward, somehow, someway, someone will see it and appreciate it. We are always thankful when the community sees what we do and appreciate that. We understand the call and our call is to reach beyond the walls and to make an effective difference. Our motto is that we go the distance to make the difference. We are there, we are on the front lines and we have boots on the ground.”

Washington says he does not consider this hard work, but instead considers this work a joy.

“This is not something that is tedious or hard for us, it’s really a joy for us to do it,” Washington stated. “This is mandated by Christ when He says, ‘The least of them, you have done it to me.’”

Washington said he is in need of assistance with plumbing in the home, so he encourages those who would like to help to reach out to the church. They also need help with painting and fixing the roof.

To donate funds, time or work, you can contact Whole Man Ministries at They have also started a GoFundMe page for the new home as well.

Washington says they are hoping to start another project going very soon, as they were able to acquire a four-unit complex that needs renovation.  

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