Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Why do I keep doing this to myself?
May 18
17:45 2022

It’s official: I have come to the conclusion that I am a delusional sports fan. Every year after free agency and the NFL draft, I look at the roster of my team and think we have a great shot at not only winning the division, but also a chance to go deep in the playoffs. 

Then, when the dust settles and the season is over, my team more often than not is either mediocre or the bottom of the barrel.

Everyone knows that I am a Washington Commanders fan, formerly the Washington Football Team and the Washington Redskins. We were one of the better teams in the league during the 1970s, going to the playoffs on five separate occasions and even a Super Bowl appearance.  

Things got better in the ‘80s where we played in three Super Bowls and won two of them. Washington won another championship in 1991 as well. Since that last Super Bowl victory, things have not gone quite as well for the Commanders.

Washington has only made the playoffs seven times since they last won the Super Bowl in 1991, which saddens me to say. Since the turn of the century, people have almost forgotten about the rich history of the Washington franchise because they have been so inept at all levels.  

With all of this bad history in the last 30 years, I still find some way to rationalize that the Commanders will have a successful season and this year is no different. The NFL draft was a few weeks ago and my optimism is at an all-time high, if I can be honest.

I know the Commanders finished the season 7-10 overall and were third in the NFC East division. But on the other hand, in my head I am thinking that we just won the division the year before and went to the playoffs. Washington also played the eventual Super Bowl champions very tough in their playoff game. That performance gives me hope that the Commanders can rebound this season and make another playoff run. 

Delusional, I know.

The Commanders also traded for former Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz had an MVP-caliber season in 2017 but has fallen out of the good graces with two franchises. Wentz also played fairly well for the Colts last season, throwing for 27 touchdowns to only seven interceptions. I am thinking that with the better weapons Washington has on offense, he can improve on those numbers this upcoming year.

This is probably delusional thinking as well, because nearly every time Washington adds a high-profile free agent, it rarely works out in their favor. Off the top of my head, I can think of about seven or eight high profile guys the Commanders have brought in over the last 20 years that have not really paid dividends. Why am I thinking that Wentz will be any different?  I am not sure; however, I am leaning on the side that Wentz will return to his MVP caliber level he exhibited in Philly several years ago.

Another point that gives me unwarranted hope is the selections that Washington made in the draft a few weeks ago. In the first round the Commanders selected Jahan Dotson, wide receiver out of Penn State. By all accounts, Dotson is an explosive player that has the best hands out of all the receivers in the draft. 

Dotson will be a welcome addition to a Washington offense that already includes Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, Dyami Brown, Antonio Gibson, J. D. McKissic and rookie Brian Robinson. On paper this looks like a formidable offense with weapons and speed everywhere. The Commanders also took Alabama defensive tackle Phidarian Mathis in the second round, Alabama running back Brian Robinson Jr. in the third, and North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell in the fifth.  

Mathis and Robinson could contribute to the team starting week one, but I am hoping we don’t see Howell under center any time soon because that means Wentz was benched or hurt and that would not be a good thing for Washington.

I routinely laugh at the Dallas Cowboy fans that proudly claim that “this is their year” almost every season. When I sat and thought about it, what makes me so different from those fans?  Nothing. I am just as crazy as they are. 

The probability that the Commanders contend for a Super Bowl this year is about as likely as me winning the lottery. I say that jokingly, but the odds are very long, and I know this, but I still can’t help but think we have a chance.

The one thing that solidified my hope for this season was the release of this year’s schedule. Once I saw that the Commanders had one of the easiest schedules based on last year’s season records, I immediately told myself that we are going to the playoffs.  Once again, I know it’s ludicrous to assume how well your team will fare based on your opponent’s performance last season, but I don’t care.  

It’s only May and the season doesn’t start until September, but I am already thinking that Washington will be champions of the NFC East. Although Dallas has a good team, Philly made some great additions to their team in the offseason and the Giants had a great draft, in my deranged fanatic mind the Commanders are above them all and right now I feel like this is our year.


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