Young speedster brings home a national championship

Young speedster brings home a national championship
April 05
04:00 2018

By Timothy Ramsey

The Chronicle

Speed kills in all sports, but when it comes to track and field, it’s the name of the game.  Terrell Robinson Jr. of Next Level Track Club has speed to burn, evidenced by him winning the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) national championship in the 60 meter dash in the 14 year old age group.

On top of winning the 60 meter dash, Robinson also finished seventh in the 200 meter dash granting him All-American honors in that event as well.  What makes his accomplishment even more impressive is that Robinson has only been running track for a little over a year.

Track and field was in his blood so to speak because his mother, father and brothers also ran track before him.  He decided to give the sport a chance because he knew he was fast but never imagined he would get this good so quickly.

“ I first started out running in middle school but then my mom introduced me to AAU track and I just fell in love with the sport,” said Robinson Jr.  “Coming into this season I thought I could do better from where I started because of the effort that I put in. I didn’t expect it to go that far but I am really proud of myself.”

As he stepped into the blocks preparing for his 60 meter race, he says he knew he could “do it” but just did not want to make any mistakes.  He says he was nervous but once the gun went off the nervousness went away and finished with the smoking time of 7.42.

Learmond “Buddy” Hayes, head coach of Next Level Track Club, says when Robinson Jr. first started he was not sure he would be able to make it because of the intensity of their workouts.  He says after Robinson Jr. became accustomed to running on the AAU level he began to take off.

“I knew he was one of the top three runners in the nation, it was just a matter of how he would get out of the blocks and how he finished,” said Hayes.  “When we saw he won we were all jumping up and down.”

“To be able to say you’re a national champion is quite an accomplishment,” Hayes continued.  “He has it all and the only obstacle he has is his own self.”

Celia Cager, Robinson Jr.’s mom, says she laughed when he first came to her about running track.  After seeing his tremendous abilities on the track, she quickly changed her mind.  When he won, she says, she was so excited and proud at the same time.

Terrell Robinson Sr., Robinson Jr.’s father, said he was overly excited when his son informed him that he wanted to run track.  He says when he saw Robinson Jr. win he was “overjoyed” because he pushed through to become a national champion.  He feels with the great support system Robinson Jr. has at his disposal, the sky is the limit.

Robinson Jr.’s track abilities are actually secondary to what he has accomplished elsewhere.  He is a wiz in the classroom and loves math.  He plays five instruments and is self-taught on four of them.  He is so skilled with the trumpet, he plays in the Carver High School band even though he is only in middle school.  Robinson Jr. recently won the Crosby Scholars Human Relations Award at Jefferson Middle School.  He is also an active member of First Waughtown Baptist Church. 

Robinson Jr. credits much of his success to the support system he has at home with his family.  He says he would not have been able to get to this point without them. 

He is not banking on athletics as his only option though.  He says he would love to start his own clothing line or become a music producer. 

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