Yung Rackz reaches streaming milestone

Yung Rackz is a local artist who recently received his plaque for his independent album “Trapademic” charting on iTunes.

Yung Rackz reaches streaming milestone
May 05
10:40 2023

CDs are pretty much a thing of the past and streaming is the new way that people listen to their music. For local artist Yung Rackz, his popularity continues to rise through streaming. He recently received an RIAA iTunes Charting Plaque for his independent album “Trapademic” charting at #15.

Rackz, whose real name is Davon Moore Jr., is a native of Winston-Salem and has released several studio albums, with another on the way. Trapademic was released three years ago during the heart of the pandemic and it reached the charts early. He just recently received the plaque for it.

“It felt good; it was a really good feeling,” said Rackz about receiving his plaque.

The way the music industry is going, many artists are turning to the independent route instead of going to the major labels to release their music. By going independent, they are able to have total control over their music and their sound.

“It definitely shows that you don’t have to get lost in the sauce and chase what a lot of people think is important, that’s not important and still be successful,” he said about staying independent instead of signing a major label deal. “You don’t have to sign to a major label and still do things the major labels are doing.”

Since its release, Rackz has received a lot of positive feedback and responses about his Trapademic album. He says he is working with a management team that is under Cash Money Records to help develop him as an artist.

“Everybody is excited about the new music that I am about to start putting out,” he said. “It’s a good thing to still hear that people are gravitating to the music that is already out and to know the music I am about to put out is much better, so it’s a lot to look forward to.”

Rackz feels he has grown over the past few years and his new project will show that growth. “I have just become more business oriented,” said Rackz, “and started getting my image more together.

“It’s definitely on a different flow because I have stepped it up another level as far as production, mixing and the verses,” he said about his new project. 

“Everything is just a level up on this one.”

As an independent artist, there are many things and hurdles that you have to go through and jump over to achieve your ultimate goal that major label artists do not have to deal with. Rackz says he enjoys the grind of being an independent artist.

“It definitely takes time and dedication,” he said. “Even me, I am still learning and growing every day. Some people may have beginners’ luck and have a good song to start, but to actually be great and have longevity it takes dedication to perfect your craft.”

The hip-hop scene in and around Winston-Salem has been booming recently with artists popping up and making a name for themselves outside of the 336 area code. Rackz is proud to showcase his hometown and enjoys the support he has received.

“I definitely get some support and people buy my music and my merchandise, but not as much as I would want, but I definitely get some support,” he said. “I just feel like I need to do a little more footwork and move around locally so people will know about my movements.”

As his brand continues to grow, Rackz wants to continue being in the public eye and rise up the ranks as an artist to positively influence the younger generation. He says the kids need to stay in school, listen to their parents and keep the right people around you that have your best interest at heart. When it comes to the industry, he says his advice to younger artists is to just “be original.”

For his new project, Rackz has a new track that features Gucci Mane. He says there are several other major label artists that will contribute to the project as well for the summer.

For more information on Yung Rackz, please visit his website at or search Yung Rackz on all streaming platforms.

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