Clothing line inspired by the sacrifice of Jesus

According to creators Jeff Prince and Chris Holt, the name Blood Purchase represents people being purchased through the sacrifice of Jesus, who died on the cross for all people.

Clothing line inspired by the sacrifice of Jesus
July 07
04:35 2016

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When two like-minded individuals come together inspired by the Lord, good things tend to manifest. Building on this principle, Jeff Prince and Chris Holt have created the “Blood Purchase” clothing line.

While Prince and Holt were working together as janitors at their church, they had aspirations of having a clothing line. After a few years, the inspiration was put into Princes’ head to pursue his dream and the dream became a reality.

The name Blood Purchase came about because Romans 1:16 is one of Jeff’s favorite Bible verses.  He stated that because the gospel is all about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it seemed to fit perfectly.

“I realized we were all purchased through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that’s how I came up with the name,” said Prince.  “I was sitting there thinking of the roles of the Trinity and that’s how I came up with the triangle in the design and the circle signifies completion and the blood drips round everything out.  I didn’t put any scripture on the shirts because I wanted people to ask what the symbol meant so it could spark a conversation.”

Holt grew up in the Winston-Salem area in a Christian-based household and family is very important to him.  He is a graduate of West Forsyth High School and has always had a love for clothes and shoes.

When speaking about the name Blood Purchase, Holt said, “Jesus died on the cross for all of us to be forgiven of our sins and to live for him.  We want this line to be Christian based because anything we sell, we want to always glorify God.”

Prince is a native of Philadelphia, Pa., but his family settled in Winston-Salem later in his childhood. He is a graduate of Mount Tabor High School.

Holt and Prince currently are selling their line through word of mouth and social media.  They plan on setting up a website and a clothing store in the next few years to grow the brand.  They also want to hire individuals who have a hard time obtaining jobs due to their criminal backgrounds to give them a second chance.  Giving back to the kids is another goal of the duo because they see child hunger as a problem and wish to become part of the solution.

The goal for the company is to continue to grow and sell the clothing line at an affordable price.  Holt and Prince plan on connecting with local churches to make them aware of the brand. When speaking of the line, Prince said, “My ultimate goal is to make this a line that everyone knows and that ultimately glorifies the King that we all should know.”

For more information on the line, please contact Jeff Prince at or Chris Holt at

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