A passion for fitness

Adams loves to incorporate weight training into her clients’ workouts.

A passion for fitness
November 04
15:08 2020

Francesca “Fancy” Adams has a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. Her “Flex with Fancy” workout program has been helping people reach new heights with their nutrition and weight loss targets and now she is ready to take it to the next level.

Adams began her program through her own health journey as she battled digestive issues that turned out to be a glutted sensitivity. She started out with Fancy Wellness LLC, but rebranded as Flex with Fancy. With her triumph in overcoming her own issues, Adams wanted to share what she knew with others.

“It came about solely because I just have a passion for helping people and to see people better themselves by living healthier and happier,” Adams said. “To me, if you don’t have your health, then you don’t have anything.”

Following her triumph over her digestive issues, Adams began focusing on her nutrition. She felt her knowledge could help other people who were not getting the answers they were seeking at their doctor’s office.

“I feel like if we are more proactive and take our health in our own hands, as opposed to putting our health in our doctor’s hands, we would be better off as a community and as a society to go after what we want and not worry about many of these predisposed illnesses,” she said.  

Adams said witnessing her family deal with different illnesses was also a motivating factor for her to become a nutrition coach and the fitness aspect came soon after. After realizing how many people she could help, it was obvious for her to start a business.

“Health and the human body is something I have always had a passion for, but when I started realizing people were coming to me for questions about health and realizing I was inspiring people by just working out, I felt like this was my gift God gave me to inspire people to get healthier,” said Adams.

Adams incorporated many different aspects of fitness into her own program. As a certified trainer, she uses the things she learned from her certifications, as well as the trainers and coaches she works with.

“I try to pick up some knowledge and wisdom from them and also do my own research to figure out methods that are most effective, but also fun for these ladies to do in my fit camps,” she said.  

While building her program, Adams focused on not only making the workout tough, but to also make it fun, so her clients have the motivation to stick with it. She feels the strength training in her program builds muscle quicker, so her clients see their weight dropping quicker, which is one of the biggest differences between her program and others who train women as well.

Adams says it’s “humbling” for her to assist her clients with their weight loss and fitness goals. For her to witness the camaraderie her clients have built with one another is a blessing for her as well, she said.

“I lead, but I like to empower people to lead on their own, to take over and do their own thing, because I can’t do it all myself,” she continued. “I think that’s the difference between my group and any others, in that my ladies are able to communicate with me and initiate their own accountability groups.”

Adams likes to take more of a scientific approach to her training as well. She said she focuses on the individual body types to tailor a workout that works best for each client.

“I try to teach them about training and eating based on their body type and not just in a one-size-fits-all approach,” she continued.

The pandemic has forced Adams to change her program drastically. She has adjusted her training to move from inside of the gym, to outside in local parks in the area.  

With her focus on strength training, Adams is routinely asked about how she can build muscle with her women clients, without looking masculine.

“I lift heavy, but the way I maintain it is by proper eating and there has to be a proper structure to your exercise program,” Adams said. “If you are working with a proper trainer who knows what they are doing, there is no way a female can look too masculine, because it’s genetically not possible.”

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