Arena team unveils new uniforms for upcoming season

Arena team unveils new uniforms for upcoming season
January 06
11:09 2023

The season is quickly approaching for United Firepower, the newest arena football team here in Winston-Salem.  To get fans engaged and excited about the upcoming season, the team held a jersey reveal at ROAR in downtown Winston-Salem on December 29.

There were scores of people that came out to enjoy not only the jersey reveal, but also the other amenities ROAR provides like bowling, dining, golf simulators and more.  Mike James, co-owner of United Firepower, was eager to show the fans what the final product looked like.

“The jersey reveal went really well.  We had a lot of people come out.  There were a bunch of kids and a lot of the athletes’ families enjoyed the festivities,” said James.  “There was food, drinks, bowling and the arcade and the people at ROAR were really hospitable.”

With this being the first time the fans and the players had the opportunity to see what they would be wearing was exciting for James.  He liked the final results of the jerseys and was hoping everyone else felt the same way.

“I was really excited and didn’t really know what to expect with the holidays and New Year’s [Day] coming up that weekend, but we still had a great turnout and people were excited,” he said.  “Even people who were just at the bar itself enjoying their night came over and joined us by getting to know about the team and even taking pictures with some players.

“Everyone loved the jerseys. They loved the concept with the colors and the concept of us dedicating the season to military veterans.  The players got really excited when we brought out the jerseys because it was the first time many of them saw them.  We got some great feedback and a lot of people want jerseys and some players’ families want their own jerseys.  We are excited about the season and everything that is coming.”

James is an admitted optimistic person that prefers to speak positivity into existence.  He feels if you think and feel positively about success, then success will more than likely follow.

“We are planning on everything this year being a success, so this was just a part of our plan by helping to get the word out,” he continued.  “Thanks to everybody that participated in it and thanks to everyone at ROAR.  It’s a great venue that’s very classy.  I would recommend it to anyone.  We actually prepared for it and we were planning for it to be a success.”

Next up for the Firepower is OTA’s for them to find out who will make the final roster.  James says once the team is solidified, the team will then get out into the community to interact with the youth.  The first home game for the team will be April 15 at the Annex in the Fairgrounds.

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