Davis is looking to put together his best season on the court as well on the field

Caden Davis

Davis is looking to put together his best season on the court as well on the field
September 16
13:23 2020

This year’s sports calendar for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is going to test the mental toughness and endurance of multi sport athletes. With many sports piggybacking on one another, those playing more than one sport will have little time to prepare.

Caden Davis is one of those athletes that is having to adjust to the new normal of sports during this pandemic. Davis is the starting quarterback of the football team and starting point guard of the basketball team for the R.J. Reynolds Demons and is gearing up for a record-setting season to cap off his high school career.

“I was really happy and relieved to finally get some clarification on what was going on since we were hearing a bunch of rumors,” said Davis about hearing there would be sports in the county this year. “I am happy that we are having both seasons, I just don’t like how short the seasons are.”

In years past, Davis would be in full football mode now, but this year he will have to hit the hardwood before strapping up the pads for football. He said it’s an adjustment he is prepared for due to the work he put in during the summer months and knows with a condensed season, he has to perform well every game.

“For football, I was really throwing a lot during the early parts of the pandemic and once they announced football workouts were coming back, I was getting bigger lifting weights, so I had to lay off the lifting,” he said. “I just figured I should get back in the gym at some point, because I heard we would be playing in the spring. I got out there with the team and we were running, which helped me get back into shape.”

Davis said basketball and football workouts are going on simultaneously. He works out for each sport twice a week with his teammates in preparation for the upcoming seasons. Davis says he is not really affected by the change because he feels he is one of the best players in the county in both sports.

“It really didn’t switch up anything for me, because I am going to have the same mindset regardless, which is kill everything,” said Davis about his approach to the year. “But honestly, I think this will be a little bit better for me, because I have always played the first part of basketball season in football shape.  

“Football shape is way different than basketball shape, so I think playing basketball before football and having so much time to get ready for basketball, I will be in basketball shape for basketball and still be in basketball shape for football.”

According to Davis, he has never played a football season in “tip top” shape where he is able to run all over the field and not wear down. He has big plans individually and collectively for both football and basketball, so being in the best shape is imperative.

Davis wants to win the conference in basketball and possible eclipse the 1,000-point barrier, but will sacrifice any individual award for more team success, he said. In football, Davis wants to rebuild off a down year the Demons endured last season.  

As one of the best dual sport athletes in the county, Davis says his confidence level remains high regardless of the circumstances. He knows as a senior he has to put together his best seasons in both sports.

“Me personally, I know I am one of the best, I feel like I am the best; I am not going to say anyone is better than me,” he continued. “I feel like I am one of the best going into any game, so I have to prove that because I know everyone doesn’t think that.

“Because I am a dual sport athlete, people try to take away from what I can do in one or the other. During football season, people try to downplay how I play quarterback because I play basketball and the same thing with basketball.  This is my last chance to put myself out there.”

Davis doesn’t have a favorite sport and enjoys playing both basketball and football. He says he has enjoyed more team success in basketball, but has had a lot of individual success on the football field.  

“Normally all through the summer I play AAU basketball, so it really wasn’t that much time to prepare for football,” he said. “This summer, I feel like I accomplished a lot and I finally grew into being a quarterback this year.”

A big decision is on the horizon for Davis as far as choosing which sport he wants to play on the next level. He has received some attention from a few colleges and hopes he finds the right place that will allow him to play both of the sports he loves.

“I have talked to a couple of schools about the possibility, but right now I don’t know which one it will be,” Davis said about his chances of playing basketball and football on the next level.

As of right now, Davis does not have a dream school. He says he likes to take a realistic approach to the recruiting process, so he wants to leave his options open to any opportunity. His hope is that his play on the court and the field also helps some of his teammates get to the next level as well.

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