Drop-in daycare gives parents new options

Drop-in daycare gives parents new options
November 14
07:30 2019

Some parents don’t need all day childcare, but instead may only need a few hours here and there. To help accommodate that need, Bryce Sherman has introduced Sherman’s Drop In.

Sherman’s Drop In is a childcare provider that allows parents to pay by the hour instead of by the week or month like many other daycare centers require. This has been a dream for Sherman for years and he is excited to have the opportunity to bring this service to the Winston-Salem community.

Sherman has worked with children for years and he quickly realized there was a need for this service. He is a former standout athlete for Carver High School and was recently inducted into their sports Hall of Fame.

“I love working with kids and I saw that many parents don’t have babysitters or family around to watch their kids, so I wanted to open a child center where they could bring their kids,” said Sherman. “I have been thinking about this for about three or four years now, but I was always busy with work and new things going on and I finally made some things happen.”

Sherman’s Drop In opened earlier this year and is located at 2101 Peters Creek Parkway, inside of the Marketplace Mall. They provide service for kids from 3 to 12 years of age.  

According to Sherman, there is only one other business that provides similar services in the city. He feels his staff is a cut above the rest.  

“I think the quality of my staff is great and they all love working with kids,” he said. “They were all teachers at some point, and they are young and energetic. Our facility is very clean and up to date with things kids play with in 2019, like iPads, Xboxes and PS4s. We also have things for the little kids like blocks, Legos and playhouses as well.”

When coming up with the idea for the business, Sherman thought a lot about how “outrageous” some of the childcare prices were. He did not want to follow that model, but instead thought about the parents who only have a short-term need.

“Some parents have kids that are out of daycare and just need an hourly drop in,” Sherman said. “That way parents can drop the kids off while they are running errands or something and we could go from there.”

Sherman’s Drop In has reasonable rates to allow parents to have quality childcare without charging an arm and a leg. Sherman said he thought about the working family and single-parent households when coming up with his prices.

Since opening, Sherman said he has seen a steady increase in business. Always accustomed to success, Sherman is confident the word-of-mouth will get around.

“Everything is going good,” he said. “It started off slow, but the main thing is just getting the word out there. People are hearing about us and seeing my posts [on social media]. I am passing out fliers daily.”

Going forward, Sherman wants to expand his business to include multiple locations in and out of the city. He has seen the things that have worked and some of the things he needs to tweak going forward.

For more information on Sherman’s Drop In, please call 336-727-3519 or visit their website at

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