Fitness trainer connects with massage parlor

Tony Williams, founder of Flexout Fitness demonstrates some of the equipment he works with on some of his clients.

Fitness trainer connects with massage parlor
June 21
03:00 2018

Almost everyone is looking for a way to get into better shape.  Tony Williams, founder of Flexout Fitness, offers an alternative choice from the large gyms such as Gold’s or Planet Fitness by combining multiple workout methods to individuals in order meet their fitness goals.

Williams has set up shop at Ma’ati Spa in downtown Winston-Salem in a private nook behind the spa, giving him an intimate setting to get the maximum effort out of his clients.  He likes being at the spa because it gives the client an option of getting a relaxing message after a hard workout.

“I initially started off being a personal trainer for Rush fitness and became nationally certified, “ he said.

He connected with Ma’ati Spa owner, Maya Gilliam, while helping her put together the back patio.  While working, Williams broke his back, fracturing it in five different places.

“That took away the personal training lifestyle that I was living for the last eight years prior to the accident,” said Williams.  “When I broke my back, I used that time to get my degree and when I came back, Maya and I were floating around ideas of a collaboration.”

“We feel like fitness and massage therapy goes hand in hand and looking around the market there is no other place that offers the combination of services,” he continued.  “So we got together and I invested all the money that I had and put everything together.”

Personal training can be a costly expense for many, so Williams stated he wants to keep his costs down so everyone has the opportunity to get in shape. 

“I wanted to just make it affordable for the everyday person that may also be intimidated to go to a big gym,” he says.  “My vision is to have people work out and be able to afford it.”

According to Williams, he works with people of all fitness levels and goals.  He also stated he has young clients as well as elderly ones.

“Whatever your fitness level is, I’ll adapt whatever I have to adapt to it,” he said.  “The workouts are so expansive and unpredictable you never know what you will be getting into here.”

While he does work with men, Williams says he would love to expand his “fitness dialogue” with women and the younger generation.  He feels as though those two groups are not as exposed to working out as men are.

Growing up, Williams says, he was a chubby kid that played sports but was not interested in lifting weights on a consistent basis.  Once he entered college, he began lifting weights as a way to attract women, he says.

Williams says he takes pride in the personal attention he is able to give each and every client he works with.  For him it’s not all about the money, it’s more about seeing people achieve their goals.

“The big corporations to me don’t necessarily care about their clients as much as they should,” he continued.  “For instance, if you go to any Planet Fitness, they advertise and promote a pizza and bagel day on the first Tuesday of every month.  That right there tells you everything you need to know about them.”

Williams has his degree in recreational therapy, specializing in working with people with disabilities. 

For more information about training, contact Tony Williams at or visit Ma’ati Spa at 707 N. Main St. in Winston-Salem.

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