For Seniors Only! Stay Healthy…in Water?!

For Seniors Only!  Stay Healthy…in Water?!
May 21
00:00 2013

Entering into a pool of water is not something that crosses our mind when we think about exercise but those who engage in water exercise regularly sing its praises. Here’s why.

Benefits of Water Exercise:

It’s non-impact, so it won’t jar your muscles and joints. The buoyancy decreases effects of gravity so moving takes less effort. Water provides resistance, which helps you build strength and develop better balance. Immersion in water helps you relax and lowers pain perception. Aquatic exercise programs are ideal for older adults who have painful joints due to arthritis, muscle weakness, poor balance, and other medical conditions that make traditional land-based exercise programs less well suited for them.

Why Warm Water Therapy?

The relaxation response of the muscles and reduction in the pain allow for greater joint mobility and range of motion which in turn enhances the body’s ability to heal more quickly. A warm-water pool is one that’s kept around 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is several degrees warmer than most traditional pools. For some people, those few degrees make a BIG difference.

Classes in Forsyth County

YMCAs (with pools) and the YWCA all offer a variety of water exercise classes both in the day and evening. YWCA even offers “Aqua Zumba!”

Therapeutic warm water exercise classes are offered by The Shepherd’s Center of Winston-Salem at a variety of locations and also at Wake Forest Baptist’s Sticht Center. The Shepherd’s Center has partnered with Homestead Hills, Salemtowne, and Arbor Acres to offer classes six days per week. There is a monthly fee for all of the warm water classes ranging from $12-$50 per month depending on how many classes you wish to take.

For more information:
Wake Forest Sticht Center Aquatics Line: 713-8082
Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem, 748-0217
YMCA of NWNC main number (to locate program near you): 777-8055
Gateway YWCA: 354-1589

— compiled with information from resources listed above.

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