Chance click on YouTube video results in new venture for local entrepreneur

Kendall Wicks

Chance click on YouTube video results in new venture for local entrepreneur
February 10
12:39 2021

In just a few short months, Kendall Wicks has turned an idea into a thriving business with limitless potential. Wicks bet on himself and went all in with becoming an entrepreneur.

Late last year, Wicks decided to purchase an ATM machine; however, he did not stop with just that idea. He chose to add another money-making idea to accompany the ATM machines by placing TV screens above the machines for businesses to advertise on.

The ATM machine was not the first business idea for Wicks. Initially he wanted to invest in vending machines, but came across the information about an ATM machine by chance.

“Originally, me and a friend of mine went into buying vending machines and that didn’t go too well, so we ended up parting ways, so I was left with two vending machines,” said Wicks. “So, I was actually on YouTube and I was looking up a part for one of the vending machines and on the suggested videos was a video that popped up that said, did you want to own your own ATM machine.

“It sounded so bizarre to me that I clicked on it and I watched one video, then the second, until I had watched them all. By the time that I watched all his videos, he had convinced me that I could do that.”

Soon afterward, Wicks continued to research the idea of the ATM machine and even took a class on how to own and operate one. “I just started investing in the knowledge first and once I got the financial part and was able to invest in it, I just made the move,” he said.  

Deciding where to put his machine was another aspect that Wicks had to consider. With the pandemic in full swing, places like bars and restaurants have little to no traffic, so he had to be creative in the placement of his machine.

“Because of COVID, a lot of places are not at maximum capacity, so you have to be choosy where you want to place your ATM,” he said. “Some people who own ATMs are not making any money because it’s in an establishment that’s not even open or making minimum money.”

Wicks decided to place his first machine at 2101 S. Main St., Grizzly’s Tobacco and Food Mart. He was able to connect with the owner of the business after announcing his purchase of his first ATM on social media.Wicks has just purchased his second machine and will be placing it inside of another convenience store on Liberty Street. His third machine will be located inside of The Rhythm Lounge and Grill.

Wicks makes money from the ATM machines from the surcharge fee the user pays to withdraw money. He says adding the video screens for advertising sets his machines apart from others. 

“For me, I felt like I wanted to be different and bring more money to my ATM,” Wicks said about his advertising component. “By me owning a few machines, I am able to bring more money to my clients.”

Wicks is a native of Winston-Salem and a 2010 graduate of Reynolds High School. With his connection to the community, he does not want to just take; he also wants to give back. He offers free advertising on his screens to children who have businesses they want to promote.

“That is just another way that I am trying to give back to the young people,” he continued. “When I was younger, I had a candy store, so I understand them trying to make money. We didn’t advertise, we just went door to door, but with technology the way it is now, we are able to promote kids and their ideas.”

Becoming an entrepreneur was a lifelong goal for Wicks. His father owned a hot dog cart when Wicks was a child, so working for himself was in his blood, so to speak.

“I’ve always seen my father with that hustle and that grind, and it always made me want to do the same thing, but I just couldn’t find that way, but now I have,” he said about his business.

Wicks sees a lot of potential with his new business venture. He wants to build his business quickly by adding more machines as soon as possible. “I want to scale this business kind of quick, because there are some other things I want to do as well, and this will give the opportunity to do them.”

Wicks says he knows there are many other people out there who want to become entrepreneurs and his advice is to just take the leap. “Just go ahead and move, you got to move,” he said. “Stagnant brings no results and even if you fail, you can learn from those results. You just have to keep learning from the results until you find something that works for you.”

For more information about advertising with Wicks, please visit his Facebook page Cash Plug ATM.

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