JV Defensive Player of the Year sits down with The Chronicle

Collin Smith is the 2018 JV Defensive Player of the Year for The Chronicle.

JV Defensive Player of the Year sits down with The Chronicle
January 17
01:30 2019

Collin Smith is the 2018 JV Defensive Player of the Year for The Chronicle. The 5-foot 8-inch defensive back was a key contributor for the Spartans on the JV level, before moving up to Varsity to help the team during their playoff run.

The Louisiana product was in his first year with Mt. Tabor and made an immediate impact on the field. JV head coach Mike Lovelace says Smith is one of the most talented, yet humble kids he has ever been around.  

Smith recently spoke with The Chronicle about his incredible year on the field and what to expect from him going forward.

Question: When you heard the news you had been selected as the defensive player of the year, what were your first thoughts?

Answer: I felt blessed, because I worked hard for it. My coaches around me helped and supported me the entire year. I also had a good group of guys that welcomed me as I transferred schools from New Orleans, so I was blessed to be in a good position and have a good coaching staff around me. This was a great opportunity for me.

Q: What type of expectations did you have for yourself coming into the year considering it was an entirely new environment and team?

A: Basically, I just wanted to prove to everyone that I could play at a very fast level and that I could live up to what my coaches were hyping me up to be. I just felt I could be a good piece to Mt. Tabor football.

Q: What do you feel are your best attributes on the field, because you seem to be able to do it all, defending the run and pass?

A: I feel as though I have a very high football IQ, I recognize things really fast, and I feel like I am a good leader on the field. Honestly, I just like to make plays.

Q: How do you get yourself amped up for every game?

A: Well, I know that Mt. Tabor is on the top of the map in Winston, so it’s always someone trying to be better than you or get where you are at. I just focus on trying to stay top dog and that keeps me going. 

Q: After a stellar sophomore campaign, what do you expect from yourself once you are on the varsity level full time?

A: I definitely want to keep the momentum I have going. I want to improve what I am doing on the field by getting faster and stronger, so I can be more explosive next year and maybe help out on offense as well next year.

Q: Your head coach had nothing but high praise for you. How good does it make you feel to hear those things coming from him?

A: I feel like I am just an overall good person. I care for others and I am respectful to authority, because that’s how I was raised.

Q: What are your favorite subjects in the classroom?

A: English, I would say.

Q: What is your dream school?

A: LSU (Louisiana State University), because they are the hometown team.

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