Ministers’ Conference expands connections

It was a packed house for last week’s Ministers’ Conference meeting at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Ministers’ Conference expands connections
April 13
04:45 2017

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Under new President Dr. Lamonte Williams, the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity (MCWSV) has been making an effort to expand its connections to other conferences statewide. Last week, the conference welcomed the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Durham and Vicinity (IMA).

Williams made it known when he became president of the Ministers’ Conference that he wanted to reach out to other pastors from around the state, and this was a step in that direction.  Elder James Blake, president of the IMA, delivered the order of the day during the weekly conference meeting last Tuesday.

“The idea of preachers from different cities having the desire to do some things collaboratively is a great thing,” Blake said.  “It’s a good thing for us to get together and not just for an event but to have an ongoing relationship where we can depend on one another.”

Blake, who has been the president of the IMA for the past two years, says the two conferences have had a connection for years but once those individuals passed away, the relationship between the conferences did as well.  He said the two conferences recently reconnected once again, and once he proposed the idea to the IMA everyone was on board.

He says the goal is to involve both conferences in each other’s community endeavors and pool all resources to better serve the cities.   He says this partnership can and will have a long-lasting impact.

“I think when we have preachers that come together, it sets a good example for the community,” Blake continued.  “Often times whether we realize it or not, many preachers are fragmented.  So when people see us coming together maybe they will feel they can come together.  We strip away all the denominations and we are just preachers.”

Williams says after learning of the connection between the Durham and Winston-Salem conferences in the past, he wanted to “reignite” the partnership between the two.

“With the volatile nature of our government and our country right now, one of the things I thought was fundamental was to have a pastoral caucus across the state so that when there are issues anywhere, they can call on clergy from around the state,” Williams said.

Williams says he looks forward to working not only with the IMA but also with other conferences from all over North Carolina.  He says he knows the continued connections will make a profound impact not only in the community but also put pressure on elected officials to serve the community as well.

“What we are hoping for is a global vision,” Williams said.  “We recognize the challenge and the task ahead of us.  When we stay united we can affect change in a major way, especially when you have pastors from all over the state descending on one community.”

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