NBA is more wide open than ever

NBA is more wide open than ever
July 18
01:10 2019

The NBA off season has been a wild one. Heading into free agency, there was a thought that a few teams were attempting to put together another “super team.”  Fortunately for all of us fans, the league is more wide open than it has been for nearly a decade.

After LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh formed their “Big Three” back in 2010, several teams attempted to free up enough cap space to create their own versions. The Golden State Warriors carried on that mantle after the Heat broke up.

With so many top-notch free agents on the market this summer, several teams were lined up to be next in line to form their own super team. It was great for fans of the NBA that the elite players decided to make this season more interesting, even if it wasn’t intentional.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving landed in Brooklyn, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard found their way to the Clippers, Anthony Davis was traded to the Lakers to team up with LeBron, Kemba Walker replaced Irving in Boston, and Russell Westbrook was traded to Houston for Chris Paul and will play with James Harden.

All of these moves totally shook up the landscape of the NBA. There were other smaller moves made by other teams as well, these were just the biggest moves involving the superstars. With Klay Thompson hurt and Durant in Brooklyn, the Warriors’ dynasty seems to be on hold and the west is open. Leonard and the Raptors won the championship this year, but with him in L.A., that leaves the East up for grabs.

As a reporter, I am excited at all of the possibilities this season can bring. There are four teams in the west and three more in the east that have a legitimate chance at bringing home the championship next season.

Many people are looking at the combination of James and Davis as the duo to beat in the west. Yes, those two will form a formidable combination, but their supporting cast is limited, in my opinion. They have Kyle Kuzma, DeMarcus Cousins, Danny Green and others. The thing I question the most is, do they have enough shooters to surround their superstars?  

Personally, I think the Clippers will represent the west in the finals next year. Not only are George and Leonard phenomenal offensive players, they are also studs on the defensive end as well. Let us not forget they also have Patrick Beverley at the point to lead the defensive effort. Teams will have a tough time scoring a lot of points on this team.

It will not be easy for the Clippers by any stretch of the imagination. Denver, Portland, Houston, Utah and the Lakers will all be fighting for the top spot in the west. The western conference is stronger than ever.

In the east, the Raptors will be a good team, but without Leonard they will not repeat. That leaves the door open for several teams. Giannis and the Bucks are still a good team, Philly added Al Horford and the Pacers will be tough. My bet is for the Celtics to win the east.

Yes, the Celtics lost Horford and Irving, but the addition of Walker will pay dividends. From all accounts, Walker is a great locker room presence and I think he will fit perfectly with Tatum and the gang.

What makes this more fun than any season I can remember in recent years is the fact I am not confident at all in either of my picks. I would not be shocked if I were wrong on both accounts, but that’s what is going to make this season so much fun.

I can’t wait.

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