New arena football team to unveil jerseys at local bar

New arena football team to unveil jerseys at local bar
December 23
19:06 2022

United Firepower is the new arena football team set to play their first game at the fairgrounds annex next spring. The team is inviting fans and Winston-Salem locals to their jersey reveal and team meet and greet on Dec. 29 at 7 p.m. at ROAR entertainment complex at 633 N. Liberty St.

The event will be on the second floor of the complex, which has mini-bowling, golf simulators, a beer wall and a restaurant. The team would like for all of those interested in having a good time, meeting the players and seeing the home and away jerseys to come out and enjoy the festivities.

One of United Firepower’s owners, Mike James, is also the owner of Motto Athletics, which provides jerseys for several high school, little league and adult league sports teams around the area. James has an eye for design and was very meticulous with the design of the Firepower’s jerseys.

“We are dedicating the season to military vets so we kind of wanted to go with something that represented them with that military green color. The team is called United Firepower, so we put flames on the side of the pants and sleeves,” James said about the design of the jerseys. “We wanted a basic and simple look, but something that would pop with the colors and pattern structure.  

“I think we came up with something really good. Everybody had their input, from coaches to ownership, and we got a couple of fans to put in their input on the uniform, and I just put it together.

“With Motto Athletics, our logo is a power button so I kind of went hand in hand. We came up with some good creative things. How I create a uniform is I basically get the team name, colors and any design ideas, but with this uniform, we kind of wanted to get with the players and see what they wanted to wear. I put the final product together and they kind of let me do my thing on it.”

After all the research and hard work that was put into making the team jerseys, James was pleased with the final results and hopes everyone is as excited as he is.

“I loved it. It gives me that new Titan kind of feel with the flames on the pants,” he said. “I think the color scheme is really good and something you definitely would look forward to seeing. I think this will be something good to have for a long time coming.

“At the jersey reveal, we kind of want to give them a great experience at ROAR, potentially partnering with ROAR and letting the fans see all the amenities they have to offer. We have a presentation for our jersey reveal and we are looking forward to a good time.”

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