New business focuses on IV Hydration, vitamin infusion for wellness

Crishona Battle has been in the medical field for over a decade.

New business focuses on IV Hydration, vitamin infusion for wellness
August 18
09:24 2022

Crishona Battle has been a board certified registered nurse for over 10 years. Throughout her time in the medical field, she has learned a lot about hydration and wellness. That knowledge led her to start her own business, Body Confidence Day Spa (BCDS), earlier this year.

Serving the Triad area, BCDS provides IV Hydration therapy, vitamin shot injections and body contouring services. BCDS is mobile and can come to your home, business or events.

“IV Hydration has been around for years but typically was only offered in the hospital setting for those who were dehydrated, nauseated, vitamin deficient and needed vitamin and electrolyte supplementation. Now IV Hydration can be offered outside of the hospital setting to those with non-life-threatening illness. (Always consult with your primary physician regarding any serious health conditions.) 

“IV Hydration, also known as vitamin infusions, are vitamin supplements that are given intravenously for 100% absorption. Intravenous means administered directly into the bloodstream through your veins. What about oral vitamin pills? Are those not effective? Yes, oral vitamin supplements are also beneficial, but orally your body only absorbs about 20% of the vitamins your body needs because it has to pass through your digestive tract and is not absorbed at its highest cellular capacity. IV vitamin therapy maximizes the full absorption of vitamins that your body needs to support optimal health,” Battle wrote in a statement.

Over the years, Battle has been leaning more toward the aesthetic portion of the medical field because of her love for the preventative and alternative methods of healthcare.  

“I think this is good for people who are dehydrated, just need an energy boost or have a vitamin deficiency,” Battle said about who would be good candidates for IV Hydration. “IV Hydration just drew me into that field of health when it comes to the holistic approach. I actually want to get into herbal medicines and teas eventually, but right now this is just the building block and will add more to it soon.

“It would benefit athletes, elderly or those who exercise regularly. It would also be good for people who work outdoors or in hot attics like heating and air condition workers. I hear it’s common for them to get dehydrated and have to go to the hospital just for fluids and that’s something that I can provide.”

The idea for the business was born two years ago,  after obtaining some information from a friend for Battle to step out on her own. She researched IV Hydration and found out everything she needed to know about the product.

Battle says the frequency of need for IV Hydration varies for each person. She says some may need it once, while others may need a more frequent hydration schedule.  

“It can be a one-time thing; it’s really based on your need and what you’re looking for,” she said. “Ideally you can get it like every two weeks or once a month for maintenance. It all depends on what you’re looking for.”

According to Battle, she has standard drips that she routinely uses, or a customer can request a custom drip based upon their individual need. Battle’s clientele has continued to build in the short time that she has been open. She has received some great feedback from her clients.

To ensure the safety of her clients, Battle has a medical director over her, as well as a consulting nurse practitioner for clients that have an extensive medical history.  

For more information about Body Confidence Day Spa, please visit or call 336-252-4622. You can also find information about the spa on Instagram at bodyconfidencedayspa. 

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