It’s a (sports) family affair

It’s a (sports) family affair
January 25
04:00 2018

Winston-Salem Prep has been home to the Robinson family for quite some time now.  Throughout the years they have sent three of their children to Prep with all of them thriving on and off of the basketball court.  Their youngest daughter Sheila is now in her freshman year hoping to carry on the tradition her sisters set before her.

Winston-Salem Prep is a combined middle and high school.  Applicants must submit an essay to be considered for acceptance to the school.  The small classroom size is a big attraction to many students and parents.  They have also been one of the better basketball programs in their respective division on both the men’s and women’s side.

According to Alvin Robinson, father of Sheila, says he decided to send his oldest daughter to Prep because of an encounter with principal Richard Watts.  He says once he took a visit to the school his mind was made up.

“Once I saw the smaller sized classrooms I looked at Prep as a private school in a public school situation,” said Mr. Robinson.  “I really looked at the educational aspect of it and the fact the kids can take honors and AP classes is great.”

Robinson says his oldest daughter Barbara really enjoyed the family atmosphere that Prep offered to their students.  Barbara was also a standout player for the Lady Phoenix basketball team, which led to her playing college basketball at Salem College upon graduation.

“Barbara had about seven other offers to play college basketball from other schools but she decided to attend Salem,” Robinson said.  “The coach really liked her and it was close to home.”

The second Robinson child to attend Prep was Kayla Robinson.  While there she was a part of two state championship basketball teams.  Her success on the court at Prep along with her play with her AAU (Amateur Athletics Union) team brought her the necessary attention from college coaches.  Eventually she accepted a scholarship to Fayetteville State. to play ball.

Robinson feels his youngest daughter can “write her own destiny” once she really gets in the gym to hone her skills.  He says he tells his kids “you can’t live my dreams but I can help you live your dreams.”

“All she (Sheila) has to do is keep working hard in the gym and it will come but my biggest thing has always been education,” he said.  “I want her to concentrate on her education while she is at Prep so she can write her own ticket because if she decides not to play basketball on the next level she can always fall back on her education.”

Sheila says she started off being a cheerleader but once she noticed the players on the court she became bored with it and wanted to be one of the players running up and down the court.

“I just noticed how all the kids were having fun with the ball in their hands and I just had pom poms in mine so that’s when I decided to switch over to basketball,” said Sheila.  “I realized that I loved the game once I had the ball in my hands at the age of 5 or 6.

“Once I got in the game the adrenaline that would run through my body back then and even now keeps me loving the game,” she continued.

Sheila says because she was able to watch her two older sisters play basketball it greatly increased her passion for the game as well.  She says they would always give her little hints and words of wisdom to make her game stronger.

Her favorite professional players are Skylar Diggins and Camille Little of the WNBA.  She feels her greatest asset on the floor is her play in the post but knows she will have to work on her jumpshot going forward.

Calvin Davis, head coach of Prep’s women’s basketball team, said Sheila is a positive player with a great attitude.  He feels she will eventually mature into a player that can play on the collegiate level.

“She is a great floor general and she rebounds well and I want her to rebound more,” said Davis.  “She does a great job for us and I know she will continue to work hard to make it to the next level.”

Mr. Robinson says he told all of his children that if they put their trust in God and believe in themselves there is nothing that they can’t accomplish. 

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