The Lakers can’t afford to wait

The Lakers can’t afford to wait
June 06
00:50 2019

Over the past few months, I have written two or three articles about the ups and downs of the Los Angeles Lakers season. Now that we are close to hitting the off-season is the time to pull the trigger on moves they were not able to make during the season.

As I previously stated in an earlier article, LeBron James is still the best player in the world, but why waste what good years he has left by hoping players want to come to L.A. to play with him. The Lakers don’t have that luxury, in my opinion.

I heard a rumor last week that the Washington Wizards and the Lakers have possibly been in talks about a Bradley Beal trade to Los Angeles. I have not read anything that has confirmed or denied this rumor, but for the Lakers, they better hope that it is true.

When I first heard this rumor, I immediately thought that the Lakers have no choice but to try and pull this trade-off. Beal would be the perfect player to pair with James as he is a great three-point shooter and can create his own shot. I don’t think Beal would be enough for the Lakers to overtake the Golden State Warriors in the west, but it would be enough to put them in the upper echelon of the Western Conference.

Beal’s time with the Wizards has been steadily productive, but the combination of him and John Wall was not a good mix. Yes, Wall is a dynamic player with limitless athleticism. The problem is that Wall suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon earlier this year and probably won’t play at all next season. It looks like it may be time for a rebuild in D.C.

Not only would the Lakers be a top team out west, but the addition of Beal would be the perfect asset to attract other star players to come and play with L.A. I think Los Angeles has rested on their history a little too long. They have not made the playoffs in six years; now is not the time to rest on their laurels.

Also, this trade makes a lot more sense than the proposed trade that the Lakers attempted to make with the New Orleans Pelicans before the trade deadline. Anthony Davis is a tremendous talent, but for me he doesn’t work with James as well as Beal does. Couple that with the fact Davis is often injured and it’s a no-brainer for me.  

I also think it would cost less assets for the Lakers to acquire Beal in a trade. I know the Pelicans want everything, plus the kitchen sink for Davis. If I am the Lakers, I am not willing to mortgage the entire young core of my team for a player that I can’t count on for at least 75 games per season.

As one of the premiere franchises in all of sports, the Lakers must make a move to regain some relevancy in the NBA. The time is now, not later, L.A.

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