Theatre Arts students of Carver High School present social justice drama

The social justice drama was held in Carver High School’s auditorium on Nov. 13.

Theatre Arts students of Carver High School present social justice drama
November 21
06:59 2019

The Fine Arts Department of Carver High School presented a dance concert, excerpts from a social justice drama and visual art work for the Title I meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 13, in the school auditorium. The dance concert was directed by Devonte Wells; the drama was written and directed by Felecia Piggott-Long, PhD,  and the artwork was displayed under the direction of Deborah Cummings.

The social justice drama was titled “When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power,” and it revolved around the five-year strike that Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta of the United Farmworkers of America led in California, beginning on Sept. 16, 1965, Mexican independence Day. 

“The Theatre Arts classes used devised theatre to prepare for this production. The students had to read several articles, books and evaluate films and other dramas about the United Farm Workers of America and the supporters who marched with them,” said Piggott-Long. “We then used improvisation to assist with the blocking, pacing and the content of the play.”

Principal Dr. Carol Montague-Davis was pleased with the diversity of the cast. “You and the students are already prepared for your Black History production. The cast is so diverse,” she said. “I love it.”

Chavez, played by Robert Rodriguez, and Huerta, played by Jeidi Diaz-Monteroza, shouted, “Huelga! Huelga!” which means “strike.” The participants in the march engaged in a call and response march around the auditorium. Some raised their fists. Some raised the Aztec flag for the UFWA, the Mexican flag, the American flag, or the red, black, and green Bendera flag popularized by Marcus Garvey. 

The marchers were quite a motley crew. Members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) carried a banner and a sign as they marched. Members of the Diamond Club, a service club at Carver, represented the NAACP. Angel Ziglar, senior theatre arts student, led the NAACP group. Members from the Winston-Salem Ministers’ Conference and Rabbi Mark Cohn of Temple Emmanuel were invited to participate.

Members of the Black Panther Party marched with Chavez around California during the 1960s. In their honor, several students and persons from the community represented the Black Panther Party. They included Todd Ryan, Immanuel Moore, Joseph Anderson, Ben Piggott, and KeSean Samuel, among others.

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